Who doesn’t love a  Halloween party? The spooky decorations, the fun finger foods, the games, seeing how creative your friends got with their costumes! Growing up, nearly every birthday party I had was Halloween themed, and I’ve put some of my favorite treats, games, and decorating ideas together to share. I’ve also come up with a couple of brand new, fun, inexpensive ideas to help you have your most spooktakular Halloween party yet!

  1. The first thing your guest are going to notice is your decorations! An easy decorating idea that makes a huge impact is to take a roll of orange vinyl or crepe paper tablecloth and a roll of black vinyl or crepe tablecloth (available at any party store), cut the orange  table cloth to fit the front windows of your house and set aside. Next, cut out some shapes like spooky trees or scary faces from the roll of  black tablecloth and glue down to the orange. Use double-sided tape to stick to your windows. When it’s dark outside and your lights are on inside, your house will give off a haunting glow!
  2. Another simple idea is to buy a dozen or so witch hats at the dollar store then attach some black thread to the top of the point and hang randomly from the ceiling.
  3. Decorate your food and game tables with a simple black tablecloth and then, to spice it up a bit, take two pair of striped witch tights (available at minimal cost at any store that carries Halloween stuff). Cut each pair in half and put one stocking leg on each of the table legs and secure at the top (under the flap of the table cloth) with some masking tape.  Bonus if you have some old black boots or shoes lying around, you can add them to the bottom of each table leg.
  4. When it comes to Halloween party food, the grosser it looks, the better! One fun, easy, and completely disgusting idea is ear wax covered cotton swabs. Take two mini marshmallows and attach one to each end of a toothpick. Dip each marshmallow into caramel until it is about half covered.Halloween Party Food
  5. If  you prefer cute to gross, pumpkin face pudding cups are a perfect treat. All you need is vanilla pudding, orange food coloring, clear plastic cups, chocolate sprinkles (optional) and a black felt-tipped marker.  Make the vanilla pudding and turn it orange with food coloring. Next, draw jack-o-lantern faces on the cups. Fill the cups with the orange pudding and top with the chocolate sprinkles.
  6. An apple dipping station is fun for everyone at the party, young or old.  Cut some Granny Smith apples into wedges and insert a long wooden skewer into the end of each. Fill bowls with different things to dip your apples in like, caramel, crushed peanuts, mini marshmallows, and sprinkles. The skewers keep kids from sticking their fingers in the bowls.Apple-dipping-station
  7. Want to make a simply spooky punch? Put 1/2 gallon of orange or lime sherbert in a punch bowl or water-tight cauldron. Mix in one 2 liter of  lemon-lime soda until the sherbert melts and the punch is frothy. Drop a chunk of dry ice into the punch (this is perfectly safe and has no taste). Voila, smoking and bubbling witch’s brew!
  8. Lastly, what is a Halloween party without games? How about a skeleton scavenger hunt? Buy a couple of full body plastic skeletons, or just make your own with some cardboard and a little paint. Hide the pieces around the house and/or yard. Split the kids into two teams and give each team a list of parts to find. The first team to find all of the pieces and assemble their skeleton gets a prize!
  9. Bobbing for apples is a Halloween tradition, but lets face it, it’s not all that sanitary. A fun alternative is to run a rope from one end of the room to the other and hang apples at different heights from the rope with a little string. (Stick a decorative toothpick with some kind of fancy top into each apple and tie the string first onto the toothpick and then onto the string). Let each child pick an apple, then tie their hands behind their backs. The first child to bite his or her apple and pull it off of the toothpick wins!

Wishing you all a fabulous Halloween! If you give any of these ideas a try, please let us know how they worked out!

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