Halloween Pics

A few days ago I mentioned on Facebook that my kids have yet to discuss Halloween Costumes with me. Normally the kids have chosen their costumes and are itching to get them on. Between Halloween Parties, themed birthday parties, and trunk o treats at local churches we normally get our monies worth out of each costumes. But this year….silence!

Fond memories of our first Halloween helps me get through the sadness of my children growing up. I remember dressing my daughter as a little kitty cat and my son was a cowboy for their first Halloween. Princess, Ballerinas, football players, race-car drivers, even Stitch from Lilo & Stitch were some of our favorite costumes. Cutesie boo days seem to be gone. Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth fairy have all made their farewell and I’m sure Halloween costumes are the next to go.

Halloween Costumes

Here are a list of Halloween Activities your older child can do if they “think” they are too old for Halloween

Hold a Movie Fright Night

Popcorn, scary movies, and Halloween treats can put your older child in the festive spirit.

Get Them Involved

Have your child participate in a trunk-o-treat and allow them to be in charge of the theme & decoration. Ask your teen to help decorate the yard or house for Halloween. Getting them involved can help them engage in the holiday.

Conduct a Sibling Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Winner gets a prize and allows your older children to be artistic and feel involved.

Throw a Halloween Bash with Their Friends

Whether it is a sleepover or a traditional party, your older children will be involved and help their their friends excited about Halloween as well.

Entertain Younger Trick-or-Treaters

Get your child involved by allowing your older child to pick the Halloween candy and pass them out to the younger children in the neighborhood. If you live in a rural community, perhaps your church, local civic center or town hall has an event they can be a part of.

When did you or your older children stop dressing up for Halloween? How would you get your older child involved?

Are you looking for some other kind of Halloween content? We have guides to pumpkin patches, a list of activities for the season, and much more. Check it out right now.

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