Every year, I say I’m just going to make one, maybe two new things for Mardi Gras for my little ones to wear. And, as the big day draws closer, I find myself surrounded by glitter and sequins, in a furious attempt to make everything purple, green and gold, to make just one more thing. It’s a season for excess; why not excessive crafting?

Today I’m going to share how to make a sequin Mardi Gras headband. This tutorial is so quick and easy, that you could theoretically do it while waiting for a parade, assuming you have a glue gun out on the route (what? You don’t travel with a glue gun?).

You will need:


Stretch sequin trim

Needle and thread

Hot glue gun

Two different colors of ribbon


Alligator clip

Step 1:

Make the headband to your desired head size. There are any number of guides online on what size to make a headband based on head size. I generally just measure the trim around the child’s head (or my own) with a little bit of overlap and cut it. This headband I’m making today is sized for a child 1-6 years and is 15 inches long. After you cut it, sequins are going to start falling off, so, take your hot glue gun, run a small line of hot glue along the cut edge and fold over to the bottom, to seal it off.



Step 2:

Take your two ends of the trim, overlap and sew together. You can use a needle and thread, but, a sewing machine using a zig zag stitch also works. Once it’s sewn together, use a little hot glue to secure the ends.

Step 3:

To make the bow on the top of the headband, you’ll need two different lengths of ribbon, in two different colors. I chose glittery ribbon because you can never have too much sparkle for Mardi Gras. Decide which color you’d like on the bottom and cut a piece 11 inches long. For the top ribbon, cut a piece 10 long. Form a loop with each piece of ribbon, one about 4 inches long, and the other about 3 inches long. Secure each loop with hot glue, then glue the smaller loop onto the larger one. Hot glue the doubloon in the center.




Step 4:

Attach an alligator clip to the back of the bow. Be careful to put something in between the clip and the ribbon, so you don’t glue the clip shut! A piece of wax paper works really well for this. You could skip this step and either sew or glue the bow directly to the sequins, but, by using a clip, this gives you the option to make different things to go on your headband and switch them out – a different one for every parade!


Step 5:

Clip the bow to the headband and, you’re done! How easy was that? You or your little one will be perfectly festive and parade ready – now go have some king cake!


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