Many people love Mardi Gras but some people like to take that to the next level. Here we’ve got a couple of Mardi Gras-inspired food and drink that you may not have seen yet.  Tell us if you’d be willing to try these. . .


Mugshot’s Savory Crawfish Kingcake. Don’t be fooled! That’s not sugar you see. It’s sour cream and colored Parmesan cheese. And inside what looks like a king cake is actually crawfish, shrimp, garlic, peppers, and pepper jack cheese. Could you put aside what your mouth expects long enough to try this?


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King Cake Soda from Abita Brewing. Known for their beer, Abita’s King Cake Soda is a non-alcoholic treat that they claim have the flavors “frosting, candied sugar, and cinnamon dough.” It’s flavored with cane sugar and naturally caffeine free so you can feel good about letting the kids have it as a treat. But do we want to drink a King Cake? You tell me.


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King Cake Vodka. It’s Taaka vodka flavored to taste like King Cake. Is it a dream come true? Or a headache willing to happen? Only a taste-test will let you know for sure.
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Mardi Gras Pie Ice Cream. Chocolate flakes, marshmallow swirl, and graham cracker bits in marshmallow ice cream. Now THIS is my kind of Mardi Gras creation. It’s brought to us by the good folks at New Orleans Ice Cream too, so I expect a high quality product. Does it interest you as much as it does me?
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king cake cheesecake
King Cake Cheesecake. Okay, I’ve already had this and it’s frigging amazing. King Cake Cheesecake is one of my favorite things about this time of year. You take a pretty typical cheesecake but inside it has king cake! Add a ton of whipped cream and some colorful sugar and you’re good to go. A friend of mine said this didn’t interest her, but trust me. . . it’s yum. Would you try it?
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