Parents Prefer Awards 2017: The Results

The results are here! There are some surprises!

As always, we’d like thank you for being a part of the Northshore Parent community. It’s your participation that helps make these special events so successful.

Best Pediatrician in West St. Tammany

Fairway Pediatrics

Best Pediatrician in East St. Tammany

Pearl Acres Pediatrics

Best Pediatrician in Tangipahoa Parish

North Oaks Pediatrics

Best Dermatologist in West St. Tammany

Soine Dermatology

Best Dermatologist in East St. Tammany

Hilton Dermatology

Best Dermatologist in Tangipahoa

Rebecca Soine

Best Pediatric Dentist in West St. Tammany

Dr. Michael VonGruben

Best Children’s Dentist in East St. Tammany

Dr Kristie Reine DDS

Best Dentist in Tangipahoa Parish 

Dr. Thomas Wingo

Best ENT in West St. Tammany

Dr. Kathy Chauvin

Best ENT in East St. Tammany

Dr. Louis Hebert

Best ENT in Tangipahoa Parish

Dr. Jeff Lacour

Best Orthodontist in West St. Tammany

Dr. Darren Miller

Best Orthodontist in East St. Tammany

Dr. Michael Guevara

Best Orthodontist in Tangipahoa

Dr. Michael Turgeau

Best OBGYN in West St. Tammany

Dr. Jill Gibson

Best OBGYN in East St. Tammany

Dr. Ann Lobello

Best OBGYN in Tangipahoa

Dr. Marya Porter

Best Hospital to Give Birth

St. Tammany Parish Hospital

Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. M’liss Hogan

Best Family Law Attorney in West St. Tammany

Rachael Catalanotto

Best Family Law Attorney in Tangipahoa

Jenel Secrease

Best Family Law Attorney in East St. Tammay

Brian Dragon

Best Doula

Krista Chance


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Best Family Photographer on the Northshore

Melanie Talley

Best First Haircut in West St. Tammany

Route 22 Barber Shop

Best First Haircut in East St. Tammany

Goodfellas Barber Shop

Best First Haircut in Tangipahoa

Salon NuVo

Best Boutique for Women

Stella Dallas Boutique

Best Place for Kids Shoes

Once Upon a Child

Best Children’s Clothing Store

Once Upon a Child

Best Place for Ear Piercing in West St. Tammany

Mira Mia

Best Baby Store

Once Upon a Child

Best Place for Birthday Gifts

Learning Express

Best Spray Tan in West St. Tammany

Southern Ginger Glow


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Best Date Restaurant in Tangipahoa

The Steakhouse

Best Breakfast Spot in West St. Tammany

Mattina Bella

Best Breakfast Spot in East St. Tammany

Creole Bagelry

Best Breakfast Spot in Tangipahoa

Yellowbird Cafe

Best Pizza in West St. Tammany

Mellow Mushroom

Best Pizza in East St. Tammany


Best Pizza in Tangipahoa Parish

Tommys on Thomas

Best Place for a Sweet Treat in West St. Tammany

The Candy Bank

Best Sweet Treat in East St. Tammany 

Sugar Love Bakery

Best Sweet Treat in Tangipahoa

Eddie’s Frozen Custard

Best Snowballs in West St. Tammany

Just Chillin’

Best Snowballs in East St. Tammany

Southern Delights

Best Snowballs in Tangipahoa

Snow Bros Snowballs

Best Kingcake in West St. Tammany

Nonna Randazzos

Best Kingcake in East St. Tammany

Sugar Love

Best Kingcake in Tangipahoa Parish

Darren’s Donuts

Best Birthday Cake in West St. Tammany


Best Birthday Cake in East St. Tammany

Sugar Love

Best Birthday Cake in Tangipahoa

Cocoa Bean

Best Happy Hour



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Best Place for a Birthday Party in West St. Tammany

Elevation Station

Best Place for a Birthday Party in East St. Tammany

Gymnastics Plus

Best Place for a Birthday Party in Tangipahoa

Children’s Discovery Center

Birthday Party Entertainment

Zoo 2 U

Best Private School in West St. Tammany

Lake Castle

Best Private School in East St. Tammany

Lake Castle

Best Preschool in West St. Tammany

St. Timothy

Best Preschool in East St. Tammany

Apple Tree

Best Preschool in Tangipahoa

First United Methodist of Hammond

Best Daycare in West St. Tammany

Lil Lighthouse Christian Academy

Best Daycare in East St. Tammany

Kidz Klubhouse

Best Daycare in Tangipahoa

Just Kidding Around

Best MDO in West St. Tammany

Church of the King

Best MDO/Part-time Preschool in East St. Tammany

Apple Tree

Best Summer Camp in West St. Tammany


Best Summer Camp in East St. Tammany

Kid Cam

Best Summer Camp in Tangipahoa

North Cypress

Best Dance Studio in West St. Tammany

Kellie’s Kreative Dance

Best Karate Studio in West St. Tammany

Tiger Rock

Best Karate Studio in East St. Tammany

Premier Martial Arts on Robert

Best Karate Studio in Tangipahoa


Best Gymnastic Facility in Tangipahoa

Cypress Pointe

Best Tutoring Facility in West St. Tammany

A+ Help

Best Tutoring Center in East St. Tammany

Sylvan Learning Center

Best Music Lessons in West St. Tammany

Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts


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Best Family Photographer

Melanie Talley

Best Gym in West St. Tammany


Best Gym in East St. Tammany

Lean Performance Academy

Best Gym in Tangipahoa Parish

North Cypress

Best Spray Tan in West St. Tammany

Southern Ginger Glow

Best Salon for Mom

Kent Jacob

Best Nail Salon


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Hi, I'm Katy. Mom to four sweet boys ages 10, 6, 6, and 5. It's a loud, messy, chaotic life. I love connecting with other parents and am so glad you stopped by today!

About the Author

Hi, I'm Katy. Mom to four sweet boys ages 10, 6, 6, and 5. It's a loud, messy, chaotic life. I love connecting with other parents and am so glad you stopped by today!

24 Comments on "Parents Prefer Awards 2017: The Results"

  1. Larry Pierce | May 5, 2017 at 6:20 pm | Reply

    I take my daughters to Stella Dallas all the time for their clothing, they love going their.

  2. Melanie Solis | May 6, 2017 at 9:50 am | Reply

    I’ve known Dr. Kay Daniel since we were in elementary school together. She was born & raised right here in Louisiana. She and her family have a reputation for superior pediatric dental & orthodontic services because they have a passion for what they do. Dr. Kay loves giving kids the confidence to smile…just look at her Facebook page, her patients love their new smiles:)

  3. Mom of Boys | May 8, 2017 at 4:25 am | Reply

    I love this list, however, having the voting open leaves this list ineffective. They are all just going to vote for themselves until they win. I won’t be using this list for recommendations this year… Bummer

  4. jim. franks | May 8, 2017 at 5:27 am | Reply

    Is the Norhshore Parents Prefer awards not mobile friendly? I have tried multiple times to vote and view results to no avail.

  5. how long is the voting open for?

  6. Martha battaglia | May 8, 2017 at 4:21 pm | Reply

    A-list Kids Daycare is listed under Tangipahoa
    It is located in Albany which is in Livingston Parish

  7. Julie Badinger | May 8, 2017 at 5:10 pm | Reply

    I work in the dental field and I have had the
    honor and pleasure of working with Drs.
    Kristie Reine and Eddie Ring. I can say
    with the upmost honesty that they are not
    Only the best at their profession but also
    they have the most amazing rapport with
    their patients. The Doctors have a beautiful
    family practice with a relaxing and even fun

  8. Jane Wilkinson | May 8, 2017 at 5:59 pm | Reply

    Fairway pediatrics has the most bring physicians and staff I have ever come in contact with.

  9. Tribble Condor | May 9, 2017 at 9:51 pm | Reply

    Awesome Dentist!!!!!!1

  10. Bianca Espinal | May 10, 2017 at 11:23 am | Reply

    How did Louisiana Glow not make the list for best spray tans??? Lousiana Glow is truly the best hands down!

    • I’m glad you’re so passionate! Next time keep an eye out for nomination season so you can nominate them!! It’s the last two weeks of April.

  11. The best Martial Arts school ,our family enjoe everytime , clean and family environment .

  12. How on earth did Ochsner peds come up from 4th place with 200 votes to first place with over 2500 votes in just a few hours??? Something smells fishy

    • I will be sure to check on that in my logs, but they are a pretty big organization–perhaps they sent out an email?

      • I noticed the same with Joe’s shoes. At 4:30 they had 200+ votes and now he has over 2,600+?? There is no possible way they could get that many votes in a matter of hours

      • And now all of a sudden (I’ve been watching) in an hour jumped from 3000 to 9000? Seriously? This thing is rigged.

    • Catherine Mariotta | May 14, 2017 at 10:43 pm | Reply

      Absolutely! It seems like out of no where Ochsner has taken the lead with over 8500 votes…. I do not think this is a legit! Something is very fishy!!! 🙁

  13. Warren Duclos | May 12, 2017 at 10:28 am | Reply

    Great idea; hard to find polls related to serving kids.

  14. Nancy Champagne | May 12, 2017 at 11:51 am | Reply

    When searching for a dermatologist, I would like to caution everyone to please find a board certified dermatologist. All physicians that purport to be dermatologist are in fact not. It is important that your dermatologist has completed a certified dermatology program and is certified by the Board of Dermatology.

  15. Tosanna Lopez | May 13, 2017 at 2:23 pm | Reply

    I just moved to Mandeville this year and found Stella Dallas Boutique. Everyone there is super nice and helpful with one on one service.
    I get complements on all the “one of a Kind” looks they carry.
    Thanks to the owner,Jade, for having great vision in fashion.

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