The results are here! There are some surprises!

As always, we’d like thank you for being a part of the Northshore Parent community. It’s your participation that helps make these special events so successful.

Best Pediatrician in West St. Tammany

Fairway Pediatrics

Best Pediatrician in East St. Tammany

Pearl Acres Pediatrics

Best Pediatrician in Tangipahoa Parish

North Oaks Pediatrics

Best Dermatologist in West St. Tammany

Soine Dermatology

Best Dermatologist in East St. Tammany

Hilton Dermatology

Best Dermatologist in Tangipahoa

Rebecca Soine

Best Pediatric Dentist in West St. Tammany

Dr. Michael VonGruben

Best Children’s Dentist in East St. Tammany

Dr Kristie Reine DDS

Best Dentist in Tangipahoa Parish 

Dr. Thomas Wingo

Best ENT in West St. Tammany

Dr. Kathy Chauvin

Best ENT in East St. Tammany

Dr. Louis Hebert

Best ENT in Tangipahoa Parish

Dr. Jeff Lacour

Best Orthodontist in West St. Tammany

Dr. Darren Miller

Best Orthodontist in East St. Tammany

Dr. Michael Guevara

Best Orthodontist in Tangipahoa

Dr. Michael Turgeau

Best OBGYN in West St. Tammany

Dr. Jill Gibson

Best OBGYN in East St. Tammany

Dr. Ann Lobello

Best OBGYN in Tangipahoa

Dr. Marya Porter

Best Hospital to Give Birth

St. Tammany Parish Hospital

Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. M’liss Hogan

Best Family Law Attorney in West St. Tammany

Rachael Catalanotto

Best Family Law Attorney in Tangipahoa

Jenel Secrease

Best Family Law Attorney in East St. Tammay

Brian Dragon

Best Doula

Krista Chance


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