When you meet Elsbet the first thing you will notice is her welcoming, warm personality followed by a firm handshake. She is the perfect combination of southern lady and corporate attorney. Elsbet is one of those people that just makes you feel comfortable immediately. This is a trait that also makes her great at her job seeing people through tough decisions and situations. She is a person who is loyal to her clients, friends, family and community. Growing up in Hammond, Elsbet left after high school to pursue her degree out of state. She knew upon graduating that she wanted to return and start her life close to family and invest in the community she had been raised in. She came home to clerk for a local attorney which turned into a fulfilling career for her in the home she loves so much.
After four years active with the Chamber of Commerce in Hammond she took over the position of Chairperson of the Board.  She really enjoys getting to expose people to the great city Hammond is and teach them about local businesses.

Family: Tim (husband), Baker (3), Knox (1)

Northshore Parent: What is your favorite king cake?

Elsbet Hollywood: Coco Bean

NSP: What is your favorite local business?

EH: Local Honey and Ruby

Northshore Parent: What is your favorite family-friendly activity?

EH: Children’s Discovery Center

NSP: What is something that makes you happy?

EH: Making people feel comfortable.

NSP: What is something you struggle with?

EH: I must force myself to manage my time.  It isn’t easy to give quality time to your job, the community and your family.  I am learning to balance all of that.

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