Every summer my mother-in-law goes blueberry picking and comes home with enough blueberries to feed most of the Northshore. She eats some, freezes some, and gives them to friends. Blueberry season has just started here in south Louisiana so it’s a great time to go picking. Kids love this activity too so don’t be afraid to bring them along. Note: many farms only take cash so be prepared!

U Pick Blueberries in St. Tammany Parish

Blue Harvest Farms

78495 Highway 21, Bush

Check their website to see when they will be open. You can also sign up for their newsletter that alerts you to picking times each week.

Ridemore Farms

22154 John T Prats Road, Covington

Typically open Tuesdays and Saturdays from 8AM-6PM, but check their Facebook to make sure. They occasionally open Sundays if they have additional berries available. This farm uses organic farming practices on their berries and vegetables.

Sunhillow Berry Farm

33510 Magee-Mahner Road, Pearl River

They are supposed to be open every day sun up to sun down, but call in advance to find out about berry conditions and to make sure they are open. 985-867-9737. They have a Facebook page you can check as well.

U Pick Blueberries in Washington Parish

3D Blueberry Farm

41031 Highway 1056, Franklinton

This farm uses natural growing practices. Open Wednesday-Saturday, and Sunday from 7AM-5PM. Please call in advance to make sure there are berries available for picking. No pets allowed. The farm number is 985-839-2987.  Visit their website for more information about what to expect.

L&E Blueberries

27159 James Creel Road, Franklinton

No chemicals used.Open daily 7AM-dark. Call in advance to find out availability:

**Linda #(504) 858-3086
**Errance #(504) 920-3557
**Bobbie #(504) 952-1580

Sweetpea Farms LLC

44033 Chardan Road, Franklinton

Open: May 25 to July 15, Monday to Saturday 7am to dark, Sunday 10am to dark. Call ahead to find about about availability: 985-795-9832. Alternate phone: 985-795-9832. Pesticide free farm. Click here for the Google map.

U Pick Blueberries in Tangipahoa Parish

Loblolly Ridge Farm

1000 Andrew Bankston Road, Amite

Open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 7AM-6PM. Season ends this year on June 29th. Call in advance to make sure there’s enough fruit to be picked: (985) 748-6843 or email major.patterson82@gmail.com. Visit their website for information on how to get there and picking conditions. 

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