Every Friday evening, from 6-7 pm, Josh and Jamie Erickson open their “second home” to the public for a beer tasting and explanation of the brewing process for them at Chafunkta Brewery.
I first tried Chafunkta brews at a keg tapping at the Barley Oak about two years ago.  Back then their only two beers were the Old 504 Coffee Porter and Voo Ka Ray Imperial IPA.  Knowing my taste, I probably didn’t even try the IPA because generally speaking, they’re not my jam. I do remember really enjoying the Old 504, however, which my friends and I have split pitchers of at Mellow Mushroom when we used to go to trivia night (pre-child days). Having toured Chafunkta twice now, I am happy to say that not only do I also enjoy the IPA these days in addition to the porter, there is also another brew they have introduced to their fans – the Kingfish Ale, an American Cream Ale.
Currently, the original two beers are made on-site, and the Kingfish Ale is made in Kiln, MS at a growing brewery called Lazy Magnolia. Side note – Lazy Magnolia makes it own delicious beer, and also brews for another Louisiana brewery called Bayou Teche. All that means is that the host brewery has extra space to brew for these other companies. The recipes are made by the brewery that owns each beer; Lazy Magnolia does not interfere with ingredients or amounts. Once Chafunkta is able to expand, they will brew all of their own beers on site.  Kingfish Ale is currently bottled and sold in stores, and soon Old 504 will be bottled and sold in “504-packs” (4-packs, get it?).
The brewery is located off of Hwy. 59 in Mandeville in the Alamosa industrial complex. Tours are free and children are welcome. It’s a self-serve tour, and you might even get a special brew that’s not yet available on tap!  That’s four beers for free and you don’t need to find a babysitter!  How cool is that?
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