Brands on social media are a mixed bag–some are great and some are less great. Most are pretty unremarkable and you’re happy if they reply when you have a complaint. As someone who spends a HUGE chunk of her day on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I really appreciate it when a store or company is able to create something truly noteworthy with their social media. I’ve seen it before with Zatarains, but it’s definitely not something you see every day.

Which brings us to Breaux Mart. I grew up in Metairie and Breaux Mart was our local grocery store. Honestly, I haven’t thought about the place for years until suddenly I saw their handle popping up on Twitter. I followed them and have been impressed ever since. I’ve been so impressed that if I’m ever across the lake I INSIST that we shop there.

My first hint of the greatness to come was when a bunch of Twitter drama went down one night over a Ronnie Lamarque commercial (yes, it seemed silly even at the time). You can see from this screen shot that a local woman was treated very rudely by whoever was running social media for Lamarque Ford.

lamarque tweet

Like a lot of things on Twitter, the drama came and went, an apology was issued, and I forgot all about it. Until I saw this on Instagram the next day:

  So yeah, have a bad day on Twitter? Breaux Mart’s got your back. Pretty cool huh? After that they invited people on Twitter down to the store to try out their new fresh squeezed orange juice machine–a happy hour!

Orange Juice Machine Tweetup on MagazineDid you know the fresh-squeezed orange juice machine at Breaux Mart on Magazine has a cult following? We hosted a social media tweetup this Thursday!

Posted by Breaux Mart Supermarkets on Thursday, September 24, 2015


And then there was this:

This woman was living in a women’s shelter in Mississippi after walking away from an unhealthy marriage. Breaux Mart stealthily got the address and shipped her a care package. Can you say AMAZING? Amazing.

So if you’re not on the Breaux Mart bandwagon, now is the time!! You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They give good social media.

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