Tips When Shopping for Workout Clothing

Recently I visited my local department store on the mission to purchase workout clothes. I suffer from back pain and find that doing a light workout or yoga in the evening can ease my back pain the next day. Buying workout clothes is more than just buying something to exercise in, it’s an investment in ourselves and our physical health. Something as simple as the right shirt, shoes or pants can change the way we exercise and our overall health goals. No one enjoys being miserable or uncomfortable, so if you are either while working out, chances are slim that you are going to put yourself through it over and over again for much longer.

The right fitting workout clothes, that is made for strenuous workouts and the way we move our bodies can change your entire workout session. New technology, fabrics and sewing techniques have entirely changed the way everyone works out. The next time you are shopping for workout clothing, make sure that you look for the following things.

Comfort First
First and foremost, make sure that the clothing that you buy is comfortable to wear. Nothing too constricting or loose is ideal because you want to be able to move, but also make sure that loose clothing is not causing chafing in areas where there will be repetitive motion. Even if you are worried about appearances, fitted is always better.

Embrace Technology
We let technology improve every other aspect of our lives, so why not our clothing too. Tech has found a way to change just about everything having to do with the way we work out, and the clothing you can wear to work out is different in every way. Clothing is able to contain odors, wick moisture away from our bodies and protect our skin from the sun– among other things. Buy clothes for your specific type of workout, and the type of improvement the technology is able to provide.

Moisture Wicking Panels

Some clothing comes with moisture wicking panels, areas, or is entirely moisture wicking. Look for clothing that provides you with the type of comfort and dryness that you need. My sister is law is a runner. Runners can benefit from tops that are entirely made up of moisture wicking fabric, while bikers just require certain areas of their clothing to wick moisture away. Whatever clothing you choose, there is the ability to use it both for winter and summer workouts because they work in a way that will keep you warm when its cold and cool when you are heated.

Layer Up
You want to buy clothes that can be layered. Much like shopping for clothing that can be worn for more than one season, being able to layer pieces really extends the life of your workout clothing. Don’t forget, you can always layer fitted clothing for a slimmer look.

Did you put any thought into your most recent work out clothing purchase? Do you have any tips you can offer those in shopping distress?

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