One of the great things about living in this area is that there are no shortage of reasons to get dressed up.  Personally I love a costume, sequins and glitter so most things to do with Mardi Gras are right up my alley! The greatest unknown with the entire carnival season is weather.  It’s so hard to plan an outfit when you could be sweating or you could be freezing from one day to the next.

This week I took some time and went to visit Ashleigh at Fleurty Girl Mandeville (2885 US 190, Mandeville) to put together a few options for dressing for parades.  We also had Abby Dumatrait with Golden Lily online accessory boutique join in on the fun.

Cold Parade Attire:

This tunic is great for chilly nights or days.  It’s easy to layer pieces under the tunic or add a jacket or vest on top.  I also paired it with a scarf, fleece lined leggings and boot socks for extra warmth.

Mardi Gras Long Sleeve Chevron Bamboo Tunic: $35.00 (Fleurty Girl Mandeville)

Hand Loomed Mardi Gras Scarf: $60.00 (Fleurty Girl Mandeville)

Mardi Gras Ruffle and Dot Knee Socks: $8.95 (Fleurty Girl Mandeville)

Warm Weather Parade Attire:

These leggings were the most comfortable leggings I have put on in a long time and the bonus was they were such a fun pattern!  This outfit would be perfect for a long day on the parade route.  Also, the shoes are easy for long wear and cute.  I purchased my first pair of Bernie Mevs from Fleurty Girl when I was pregnant and I have not regretted buying them!  Great investment piece.

Mardi Gras Diamond Print Leggings: $18.00 (Fleurty Girl Mandeville)

Beads. Dabloons. Baseball Tee: $30.00 (Fleurty Girl Mandeville)

Bronze Bernie Mevs: $54.95 (Fleurty Girl Mandeville)

Classic Wedding DressesTri Glitter Mardi Gras Headband: $14.00 (Fleurty Girl Mandeville)

Gold Choker: $15.00 (Golden Lily)

Gold Druzy Studs: $12.00 (Golden Lily)

Mardi Gras Day Attire:

For Mardi Gras Day I like to step it up just a little and have fun!  What better way to do that then to add some sequins into the mix!

Gold Necklace: $30.oo (Golden Lily)

Mardi Gras Sequin top: $36.00 (Fleurty Girl Mandeville)

Black Cowl Neck sweater: $30.00 (Fleurty Girl Mandeville)

Mardi Party Attire:

During the Mardi Gras Season there are lots of events to attend from fundraisers to brunches to just hanging on a balcony throwing beads for fun.  No matter what you are doing it’s always good to have a fun and fresh outfit in your back pocket just in case the need arises.

P.S. I liked this outfit so much I ended up going home with it!

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Mardi Gras Crown Tee: $25.00 (Fleurty Girl Mandeville)

Mardi Gras Mini Hat: $10.00 (Fleurty Girl Mandeville)

Druzy Short Bar Necklace: $20.00 (Golden Lily)

Small iridescent choker: $18.00 (Golden Lily)

Brown Bracelet: $20.oo (Golden Lily)

The most important thing about how to pick up a good dress and dressing for any Mardi Gras outing is just to have fun and be confident!

Thank you to our January sponsors for our What to Wear blog post Fleurty Girl and Golden Lily.  What to wear will be a monthly piece that Northshore Parent will be featuring in 2017.  If you would like your boutique or store to be featured please contact