Ten Christmas Gifts That Aren’t Toys

Christmas is quickly approaching which means you are narrowing down your Christmas list and your kids are probably working on theirs too.  If your house is anything like my house, you do not need any more toys. No matter how many times I ask for people to put money in their college fund or tell them that they don’t need any more toys we still end up with toys. I get it, people want to see your family open something on Christmas. They want to see the kids’ eyes light up and for them to get excited. There are plenty of ways to accomplish that though, and hopefully this list will help when making suggestions for Christmas gifts.  

Zoo Membership

The Audubon Zoo is expensive.  If you have more than two kids, it can be REALLY expensive.  The last time we planned to go to the Zoo without my parents (the membership holders in our family) I remember being shocked at the cost to enter.  If you use your membership twice a year this more than pays for itself and is something that the entire family can enjoy.

Global Wildlife Membership

Not interested in making the trip across the causeway to see animals?  No problem!  Global Wildlife in Folsom has memberships for the family too and there is plenty to see and do as well.

Tickets to the Saenger

This one is going to be on my list in the next few years as my boys get a little bigger. Before my husband and I had kids, we had season tickets to the Saenger for the Broadway shows. It was such a wonderful thing to know that we had a scheduled show to see every few months. We love the theater and hope to instill a love of the theater in our kids too. This would be an excellent gift for families with kids 8 and up.

Tickets to a Sporting Event

Sporting events can be a wonderful time for the family and a wonderful bonding time for them. Many families have kids in sports and they would love the opportunity to see their favorite players or teams. Even if your house isn’t full of athletes, a night out together cheering for the home team is always fun. Between Northshore Roller Derby, the Saints, and everything in between there’s bound to be something available at your price point. 

Jazz Fest Tickets

This would be my families ideal Christmas gift!  We love festivals and we love attending Jazz Fest, but it is a treat when we do it between parking, tickets to get in, food and drinks.  There is so much to see and do and it would be an exciting experience for the whole family.

Art or Music Classes

There are so many opportunities to invest in a talent a child has, and this is one of those opportunities.  Lessons for art or music or even a fun holiday camp or class. This would give a child an opportunity to do something they love and maybe you would acquire a new piece of art for your home or a piece of music written just for you. 

Family Pictures

No one needs an excuse to commemorate a time in their life like they do when their kids are growing. This is a gift that Mom and Dad will enjoy and something that the kids will cherish when they are older.  

Pre-paid Date Nights

Now this is a Mom and Dad gift! I had a friend whose husband gave her a year of dates.  They were all prepaid and each one was in an envelope and she could open one each month. Some of them were silly and quirky and some of them were amazing like a weekend away or concert tickets. He put a lot of thought into them and it was something they could look forward to together.

Movie Gift Certificates

January and February are usually rainy and wet, and we are all looking for things to do that are inside.  Tickets to the movie tavern would be a great treat especially because they have the breakfast and flick each weekend and dollar movies in the summer–if your gift certificate lasts that long!

See Also

Sports supplies and fees

Just like with the art and music classes this is a way to invest in something a child loves. Building skill and form are important and extra training or seasons can make a real difference, but it all costs money. Helping mom and dad offset this expense would be greatly appreciated. 

All of our kids probably have enough toys so it would be nice to get something they can look forward to and enjoy. Let’s make this Holiday about experiences and not just things.  

If you’re looking for more fun ideas for your family this Christmas, please visit our complete Northshore Holiday Guide where we have everything you’re looking for!

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