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Eleven People You’ll Meet on the Northshore

Eleven People You’ll Meet on the Northshore

How long do you have to live on the Northshore before you really feel like you know the place? I’ve been here for ten years now and I still feel pretty new. But my husband has been here since the mid-nineties so maybe that’s why? Despite my newness, I have noticed a few types of people over here. These people crop up over and over again and I suspect that some of you might have met them too. And if you haven’t? Don’t worry–you might one day soon!

The St. Tammanard

They moved here from St. Bernard sometime after Katrina. So did their mom and their sister. They can tell you all the best places to eat or they actually own a restaurant (it’s probably good and you should try it and find out). They’re sending their kid to Hannan.

The Professional Commuter

You will know them by their toll tag. The commute isn’t that bad they assure you. They know down the exact minute how long it take to get from their office to their house. They can also tell you how much later each minute makes them in the morning. If they’re younger they might drive a fuel-efficient car. If they’re older they’ve admitted defeat and just drive a truck or SUV like the rest of the of the Northshore.

The New Resident

They grew up in New Orleans or Metairie, lived there after college, and have finally made the leap to Northshore living. They hear the schools are good and they found a great house not too far from the bridge. What they can’t figure out is when their old friends from the South Shore will come to visit? Do them a solid and don’t tell them the answer is never.

The Native

They remember the dollar movie theater fondly. They know where Mr. Fish used to be. They remember when “where Walmart is” was nothing but trees. They are tired of all these damn people moving to the Northshore and changing things. And the traffic! It didn’t used to be this way. They complain aggressively in online neighborhood forums only to later reveal they don’t actually live in that neighborhood. They like trees more than most people and are interested in a moratorium on new housing.

The Madisonville Mama

Loves, loves, loves the public school system in St. Tammany parish. She likes to volunteer at her child’s school if she can. If she can’t, she still likes to drop in and have lunch with her kids sometimes. Drives an SUV and considers herself an official “mom taxi.” Can speak authoritatively on zipper merges. Screw up in the carpool line and you’re dead to her.

The Slidellian

They live in Slidell and they like it there. The schools are good, the people are friendly, what’s not to like? No seriously, they want to know. Nothing annoys the Slidellian more than the implication that Slidell isn’t as good as the rest of the Northshore. And now that you mention it, it might even be better because the commute to the city is way better and the people aren’t as snooty. Yes, they went there.

The Former Slidellian

They grew up in Slidell and they love the Northshore, but they’ve migrated over to the west side of the parish. So did their mom. And all their friends from elementary school. In fact, they live near a lot of these people. They’ll tell you that Slidell has changed a lot since they grew up there, but mostly they just picked it up and moved it to Mandeville.

Goes to NOLA for Everything Person

Every time you check Facebook you see them on South Shore: brunch at Ruby’s, a quick day at the zoo, a Costco run! It basically takes nothing to lure this person across the bridge. I mean, why live so close to the city if you’re not going to take advantage of it, right?

See Also

Never Goes to NOLA Person

This person sees no reason to cross the bridge. If it doesn’t exist on the Northshore then it can’t be that great. I mean, they moved to the Northshore for a reason, right? Have you tried parking an SUV on the Southshore? Ugh.

The Chick Fil A Mom

Stay-at-home mom. Maybe Pentecostal. Maybe she homeschools. Definitely has a million children. Likes to shut the door to the play place and watch her kids run around while she enjoys the silence and her waffle fries.

The Workout Mom

Work out mom. She’s got a gym membership and isn’t afraid to use it. She also dabbles in orange theory, pure barre, trx, or whatever the latest fad is. She’s always in her athleisure wear. Her favorite expression is “I need my me time.” Uses her ENTIRE 2 hours of child care at the gym each day–even the days she isn’t working out. Once her kids start school you can catch her at Coffee Rani with her other workout mom friends. 

So there you go. I’m sure a missed a few, but I think this is a good jumping off point for anyone hoping to understand the locals a little bit better. Feel free to tell me who I missed in the comments or on Facebook!

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Hi, I'm Katy. Mom to four sweet boys ages 10, 6, 6, and 5. It's a loud, messy, chaotic life. I love connecting with other parents and am so glad you stopped by today!
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  • Hilarious! Maybe missed the transplant? Moved here from out of state or somewhere other than Nola… Find them at every outdoor concert, jazz n the vines, etc. Just a start off point :p

    • The Up North Transplant. The one who jogs or walks the dog in the neighborhood and looks away when you pass them in you car. They will not wave back or make eye contact with you.

    • This is hilarious!
      I would consider my husband and I to have been “the natives” in this article , and it perfectly describes us.
      We did move to the Northshore from the Southshore because of better public schools. . We lived in Mandeville 1986/2014
      so we can relate to this article. So cute!
      We did like living on the Northshore and made many happy memories there.

  • Pretty accurate. You forgot the migrations. The ones who live in neighboring parishes that come to the northshore for things to do other than drugs and drama.

  • The “tennis moms”. They’re the worst. They live in the huge house not gated neighborhoods to keep the riffraff out; always drive a new high end import car; have perfect figures, coifed hair, perfect mani/pedis, and designer clothes, shoes and accessories! Frequently seen in mid morning wearing tennis attire, having a lettuce leaf at brunch with a martini on the side, and, despite having just played tennis, still has flawless makeup. Also frequents the day spas, salons, and plastic surgery centers; only picks up prepared foods at Whole Foods; and, can be spotted at the exclusive boutiques that only carry sizes 0-4 at prices most of us would need a second mortgage to afford!!! Considered the Northshore nobility, they complain about being “forced” to flee uptown NOLA due to the unsavory politics and criminal elements that invaded their blue blood world and lament the expansion and growth on the Northshore that threatens their new kingdom, all the while demanding more accessible banks, pharmacies, upscale eateries, etc!

  • Great article. But the ‘where Wal Mart is’ wasn’t trees, it was a golf course and yes I remember that. Yes I’m a native

      • You are correct! I used to play golf at Loui Prima. My parents moved us here in 1978. Back when wal-Mart didn’t exist. I remember the “dollar movie” before it became the dollar movie. There was Delchamps grocery, Woolworth or Woolco, and a Mall in Covington with TG&Yvand Gipsons. Also nearby was Maison-ez.

    • True! It was a golf course… And the area with TJ Maxx was all trees… And the old WalMart was where Books-a-Million was and where that new used bookstore is now.

    • Best 18 hole golf course ever I have been here since 1979 the white elephant was a roller rink and Calvin Cline’s was a cool drive-in-theater and hwy 190 was mostly trees, dog pound road as locals call it was a red clay road and yes the tress were all the way to hwy 59 I need an answer to why everyone has moved here because they hate all the traffic and stuff across the lake come here and change the peaceful place we had into what they left in the first place sad they call it progress not in my pocket

  • The Grew Up In Slidell, but moved away after school to get out of this horrible town, but retired here cause they grew up here. And there is no place like Slidell. Some of them remember Gause as a two lane road. Some of them remember the old Walmart!( it’s the Hobby Lobby now) And the KMart! (Cross gates in Gause?) a Slidellian will let you know if you’re right almost all attended Slidell High School….

  • If someone does not know of the old Post Office or the A& P , How about Bandeaux’s Malt Stand or call 1077 Ronald Reagan Highway – THEY are not from here ! I could make a list a mile long ! Dunning ‘s Florist anyone ?

  • Out of state transplant: Thinks the North shore is the best place in Louisiana to live, but will still never be better than Tex..I mean their home state.


  • Love this! I’m still trying to figure out where all the smaller town people fit in the picture (Lacombe, Pearl River, Abita, Folsom, etc.) ?

    • A lot of natives in Abita, which I enjoy because they know so much of the history. I do have people who refuse to talk to me on the online message boards–I assume because I’m too new or something. Definitely missed Folsom, but I got plenty of ideas for that one from commenters here. Not sure I’ve got Lacombe and Pearl River quite figured out yet.

      • We moved to Slidell in 1981 as “transplants” and then relocated to Pearl River in 2004, living in the actual Town of Pearl River. Shortly we received an invitation placed in our mailbox (not mailed) to join the KKK. Chilling. But we actually loved living in our neighborhood next to Pearl River High. Moved to Georgia for six years for work and we’re now living back in Slidell after retirement. We love it Louisiana!

  • The Old Mandevillian. They embellish what Old Mandeville used to be, with more character. Let’s forget that they weren’t from here either. Frequently they comment (not fondly) on what is happening with the tear down houses and their huge rebuild replacements. Girod street’s funkiness is held dear as they compare notes at the neighborhood association. God help the world if they ever develop that old Causeway construction site. PS – They were robbed of Scott’s.

  • Must agree… with your search… on this issue!
    Plaid shirts = Silent millionaires ~~ Personal experience of knowledge.

  • There use to be a store on the corner off Girod St & Monroe in Mandeville. It also was a Greyhound Bus Stop dropping off residential students of St Paul’s & picking up others…

  • The Folsom Folk

    There kids are still good respectful not bratty smarty pants. They love their horses breakfast lunch or Dinner at Gus’s restaurant and hot damn now we have two red lights and we are mostly faithful to the Dollar Store even though the line is so long bc the people at the Familu Dollar right next door just aren’t friendly!

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