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Strawberry Picking on the Northshore

Neighboring Tangipahoa parish is known for their strawberries so it makes sense that some of us would like to go and pick our own. There are fewer places to pick strawberries than blueberries but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! We’ve assembled a list of local farms that do…

These Beautiful Altars Are a Unique Louisiana Tradition

Catholicism is as ingrained into southern Louisiana culture as Mardi Gras parades and a Friday night fish fry. We ask Saint Anthony to help us find lost car keys, bury a statue of Saint Joseph in the yard when we want to sell our homes, and sprinkle holy water on…

Lenten Fish Fries on the Northshore

For some denominations, Fridays in Lent means no meat. Many churches aim to help you out by offering a Friday Fish Fry where you can purchase fried catfish or other seafood and save yourself the trouble of having to cook something. As a bonus, most of these events are also…