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St. Tammany Parish Fair {Know Before You Go}

Update: The St. Tammany Parish Fair has been canceled for 2020.  Ahhhh, the St. Tammany Parish Fair. That special time of year when students get the day off from school to go spend even more of their parents’ money on rides, junk food and games clearly rigged against the participants….

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How Do You Hurricane?

2020 is proving to be quite the year. For the first time in my lifetime, and in anyone’s recent memory, there were two hurricanes slated to be in the Gulf at the same time. That’s on top of the global pandemic the governor keeps mentioning, the push back of the…

Vietnamese Restaurant is a Game Changer for Ponchatoula

Pho Queen, Tangipahoa Parish’s newest Vietnamese restaurant, is a game-changer for Ponchatoula. For a small city, Ponchatoula has a number of eateries that feature local favorites like po boys, gumbo, and burgers. Some of Ponchatoula’s restaurants serve breakfast and lunch only and options can be limited in town for night business. Located…

Tangi School District Employee Tests Positive

With schools open just a few days, an employee at Lucille Nesom Memorial School in Tickfaw has tested positive for covid-19. A letter was sent home to all parents at the school. Any staff members or students that came into contact with the infected employee were notified and asked to…

Few People Know the History of This Tiny Northshore Church

Tucked in the back of Abita Springs is a tiny church that many people don’t know the history of. Unlike some of the other churches in Abita, this one doesn’t have same pride of place in the center of town, but it’s no less interesting and historic. And now it’s…

What Happens When Covid Cases Appear at School?

With private schools reopening and public schools not far behind, you might be wondering how things will be handled if someone in your child’s school comes home with covid. Or you might be wondering what you are supposed to be do if your child is exposed to covid outside of…