Body Pump {An Honest Review}

I joined a gym a couple of years ago and was going almost every day to run on the treadmill, lift weights, bike, and do whatever machines I could figure out without making an ass of myself. It wasn’t long before “Regularly” turned into “periodically” and my “workout routine” turned into dropping the kids at childcare to enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe a long shower. These days I go when a friend texts me that she’s going, and I feel guilty about paying for a gym membership I don’t use. 

So a friend texted me the other day asking me to join her at the gym, and then suggested we do a workout class. It turned out that some class called Body Pump was about to start so I figured, “Why not?” Having never tried any classes before I was a bit nervous, but I’m always up for something new. 
 We started by selecting all of the equipment that we would need from around the room – some step looking things, a long cushion, a bunch of weights and a pole. By “we” I mean that my friend was gathering the equipment and I was taking pictures on my phone to show off the impressive amount of equipment required. I only really got one good picture because my friend requested that I stop taking pictures as apparently people were staring at me.

First let me brag that I figured out how to assemble my weight lifting bar at an impressive pace. With now 11 years experience buckling and unbuckling five point harnesses, booster seats, and high chairs, as well as assembling shelves, baby doll beds, and train tables, the weight bar took me no time at all. First you select a bar. Then you pick which sized weights (small, medium, or large) you want on your bar. Trying to walk that fine line between weakness and cockiness, my friend and I both went with medium. Then you use these little buckle things to keep the weights on the bar. Piece of cake!

You also need free weights, which start at an overwhelming 4 pounds each. Uncertain what size to go with (I’ve heard that size matters), we both chose the pretty bright green ones.

Just like going to church on vacation, the class began with the “Do we have any newcomers with us today?” I was the only one, or at least the only one foolish enough to out myself. But that was no problem – with the speed at which I assembled my weight bar I’m sure everyone was impressed that this was my first time. 
Class began with some basic bar lifting. Then some lunges and lifting. Then more lunges and lifting. Then lying down and lifting. Then, as the instructor was talking but the class was clearly still going, ladies began putting away their equipment. I thought they were leaving and I had outlasted them all. Then I realized they were just shelving the weights we were finished with and coming back for more. Feeling awkward as one of the few still surrounded by extra equipment, I began putting mine away. At this point though the class had fully resumed, so I’m now squeezing between small women with large weights trying to find where everything goes. And as the instructor continues to lead these ladies in “lunges,” all I can hear is her saying “lunches” over and over again. I’m still putting away my equipment- fully intending to return my already sore body to the workout floor –when the instructor says, “And thank you to my new girl for coming! Come back again – it gets easier!” That was just the out I needed so I gathered up my stuff and left the class for food. 

Over all it was a great class. The time went by quickly and the instructor was knowledgeable and upbeat. I liked her music selection as well. It is truly a fun full body workout. 
When I woke up the next morning, I wasn’t in pain at all. . . until I tried to move. After two days I’m still groaning and cursing under my breath when I have to walk up or down stairs. And the hardest part is trying to sit on the toilet. I can lower myself about an inch, and then I just have to fall the rest of the way hoping that I’ve lined myself up accurately enough not to fall off. I can only write this article because my fingers are the few parts of me that are not totally sore right now. 

While I do recommend Body Pump, maybe start with Pilates. Also, don’t plan anything that requires movement for the week after. And take lots of pictures while you can still use your arms.

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  1. From the photo you posted of the equipment, I’m going to guess you took the class at PAC. I am a BODY PUMP instructor both at PAC and Franco’s. I appreciate your review, and ask that you come take my class sometime. I teach every Wednesday at 5AM, and every other Monday at 5AM. I will also be teaching the Saturday morning class on Feb 10 @ 9AM. Come say hi and take a class!

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