Seven Things You Should Know If You’re New to the Northshore

Relocating to Louisiana can be a little like moving to a foreign country. It’s roots run deep and any city that is older than our country, clearly has developed its own cultural norms! If you’re new to the North Shore, here are some of our survival tips:

The Bridge is Long

New Orleans is not 20 minutes away despite what all your friends think! Getting to NOLA requires a trek across the Ponchartrain Bridge. A 23 mile long engineering wonder with no bathroom stops between here or there! So go potty before you leave and pray you don’t have explosive diarrhea before you arrive in Metarie. Also, if you don’t have a toll pass, make sure you have $5. In cash. They don’t take your card and turning around at the toll booth is awkward to say the least. (And no, they don’t charge you to come back to Mandeville. And no, we don’t know why.)


They Might Not Have Your Favorite

Hot sauce is a culinary staple. If you have a lunch date and someone pulls one out of their pocket, don’t be surprised. It’s totally normal.


They’re Just Making This Stuff Up

Nothing is simple to pronounce nor does it match the spelling. (Tchoupitoulas? Marigny? Don’t worry, you’ll get there!) Pretend you are speaking French or are drunk and slurring your words and you’ll be just fine.


It Sounds Nice

When someone says “Bless your little heart”, they probably aren’t praying for you. They are judging you. Hard. There really isn’t even a good comeback for that, so just nod and smile.


We Didn’t Believe it Either

yes, the drive thru window at the bar is real. And yes, you can order a daiquiri from it. Just don’t put your straw in it until you get home.


There’s No Fall in the South. Or Winter Really.

The seasons here aren’t winter, spring, summer, and fall. They are King Cake, Mardi Gras, Crawfish, and Football. And if you don’t root for LSU, well, bless your little heart.


It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

Mardi Gras isn’t a day and it is typically kid-friendly. It’s a month long family event with parades scheduled on weekends and evenings. Download the app, get your crazy gear out (we recommend Fleurty Girl for the best garb), get there early to secure your spot and settle in for some fun. If you have little kids, invest in a Mardi Gras ladder. Yes, it’s a thing. Also, your kids won’t get a fall break because they get a week off for Mardi Gras. Trust us, you’ll need that week to detox and relax.


About Our Guest Posters:

Kevinne Dreher, Sarah Cunningham, and Jennifer Wood are all recent transplants to the North Shore. They started a Wine club called WineWives of the North Shore and run a podcast called Sipsy and Tipsy! Join the fun on Facebook or at!

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