The Art of Celebrating Yourself

As kids it feels like everything is a celebration. Ice cream for good grades, birthday parties, Christmas and more. As we grow up the celebrations become less and less–an engagement party for a wedding or a shower for having a baby but that is about it.

Most of us moms throw ourselves into our children–planning their parties, making Christmas magical and now we are the ones who are taking out kids out for ice cream when they come home with a good report card. But what about us? I mean we still have birthdays, more than one baby, promotions at work, but somehow it seems like we get lost in the mix.

Recently I have been seeing women post about celebrating themselves or big life accomplishments: Milestone Birthdays, personal achievements, expanding their family. . . life moments. Here are just a few of the great ideas I’ve seen:

The Mom Shower

A few years ago after most of my friends had already had babies 1 and 2 and we started getting around to the third and fourth babies my friend Leslie came up with the idea of the Mom Shower. As a third time mom let’s be honest. . . you have all the things you need for the baby. Three kids is a whole new level of crazy, however, and now more than ever a mom needs a minute for herself. Bring in the Mom Shower.  This event is very casual and can be held in someones home or in a restaurant–it just needs to be somewhere intimate. The invite list is small and only the mom’s closest friends and family. Each guest brings a gift for the mom that is special to them.  Something for her to enjoy before or after the baby comes.  We also usually take turns going around the table telling stories of our friendship or how the mother to be has inspired us or just giving her some encouraging words or advice for how to keep her sanity after baby comes. It fun and love-filled and there is a lot of laughing.

At my Mom Shower it was about 10 ladies and we met in the back room of Bistro Byronz in Mandeville.  It was such a lovely day and we ere just able to relax and enjoy one another’s company.  Some of the gifts I received were a massage, manicures, a pampering bath basket, books, a fancy water bottle. It was sweet to have special gifts my friends picked out for me as I was preparing to welcome my next child into this world.


The Milestone Birthday Photo Shoot

I am always seeing pictures of precious little babies on their first birthday dressed as a cute little animal or eating cake.  Its cute and I love them but I started thinking about the fact that once you pass your senior year of high school no one seems to take professional pictures anymore.  Most families take pictures every few years but it’s not just you by yourself anymore.

Recently I have started seeing more and more women doing photo shoots to commemorate a milestone birthday like 30 or 40. Some of them have even been playing off the cake smash idea or the stats board that mom’s make for their one-year old. Fancy or silly they all seem to be fun and exciting and I can’t wait to do it when I turn 40 in two years.

While I was looking for some pictures to include in this post I was introduced to Skye who did a 30th birthday shoot with Laken E-Photography. It was such a cute idea and looked like so much fun I wanted to share some of the images with you.

The Spa Day

I know that I love a spa day as much as the next lady but it always seems like when I get one I go alone. It’s hard to get together with you friends for dinner much less for four plus hours. Recently when I was at my nail salon, Bella Nails, they were setting up for a birthday party for a little girl. I asked the owner if she had ever done a party for a group of ladies and she said yes!

Most of the women I know get a manicure or pedicure at least once or twice a month. This would be a great way to celebrate a birthday and get to spend a little extra time with your friends. Plus it would be a lot easier to get everyone away for a couple of hours rather than half a day.

The Boudoir Photo Shoot

Now this one is a little on the edge for some people I’m sure, but I have been seeing a lot more of our local photographers offering boudoir photo sessions for things like Valentine’s Day but there are several photographers who do them all year round. I mean the truth of the matter is that we are all getting older and it may be nice to look back and say, wow look at how hot I was when I was 30 or 40 or whatever. You could do them to share with your partner or just for yourself.

Boudoir photo sessions are held in a private location like a hotel or even in your home and most photographers offer some type of styling or hair and make up applications.

As women we work hard to be good people, wives and mothers. We shouldn’t forget that life is worth celebrating and enjoying with the people that mean the most to us. We need to take these moments and do something special and take a few pictures and treasure that life is pretty amazing.


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