Six Great Date Night Ideas

This Spring I came up with amazing plan: hire a sitter once a week for the entire summer break so my husband and I could have a date night. Summer is rough. I love having my kids home and not having a schedule, but I get no break at all because we co sleep so someone is always by me, near me, and touching me.

I got to our sitter early enough that I was able to book her for the whole 10 weeks of summer. We have a set night for June and a different one for July because of sports but it has worked like magic. She is saving for a car so she likes that she knows she is getting steady work each week and I like knowing that I don’t have to follow up with her about which day she is coming.

With this new found freedom came a few questions though.  What were we going to do with all of these free nights? I mean we love to eat out but I also wanted to do some fun things that would be more outing related. This is a list of some of the things we came up with.

Restaurant Passport

We used to do this each January before we had kids. We would make a list of restaurants we wanted to try or burgers we had read were the best in the area or ethnic foods we hadn’t tried. Our goal was to hit one place a month. This time we just made a list of places we pass and always say we want to try but then forget about. Just to name a few we have Duman, Café Lynn, Meribo, and Ox Lot 9 on our list so far.

Spa Night

This one was easier to talk my husband into than I thought it was going to be. I made us appointments at my nail salon, Bella Nails, for me to get a manicure and he got a pedicure and foot massage. After we were finished we grabbed burgers and beers at Times. Something for me. . . something for him.

Movie Tavern

This is especially good if you only have a short amount of time. Dinner and a Movie all in one place.  I suggest buying your tickets early and looking over the menu before you go. If you show up right when the movie is starting it is easier to order if you know what you want. There are always great movies in the summer so there shouldn’t be a lack of things for you to see.

Shack De Ville

Shack De Ville recently opened on the trailhead in Mandeville. They have snoballs, ice cream and more, but the best thing is they have a bike and surrey rentals. They rent them out and you can take them up and down the trace or to the lakefront.  This would be a perfect idea that would work with my next topic which is. . .

Go Play Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz can be fun even if you aren’t a trivia master. If you’re terrible, you still get to drink some beer and have a laugh at yourself. Abita Brewery hosts a very popular quiz night as does Mellow Mushroom in Covington and Red, White, and Brew in Hammond.  Go, try a new beer, and find out that your spouse knows the name of every minor character on the Simpsons.

Kayaking or Paddle Boarding

There is a quirky little place in Covington called Brook’s Bike Shop where you can rent a variety of fun things. Some of them being kayaks and paddle boards. This would have to be an early evening date night more than likely but still could be a ton of fun!

We have just had a few weeks of date nights so far but when I come up with more ideas I will let you know!

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