The Best Blue Cheese Dishes on the Northshore

I love blue cheese. When I see something on the menu that has blue cheese in it I am immediately drawn to ordering that item. Something about the saltiness and tartness of blue cheese just makes me want more.

Blue cheese doesn’t; even need to be the main focus of the dish for you to know it is there. Even in the back ground blue cheese makes its presence known in its bold, pungent way. It’s fantastic.

So now that I have made my love affair with blue cheese clear there are a few places on the northshore that make some of my favorites and I wanted to share them with you.

  1. Blue Cheese Burger. Nan’s New Orleans CafĂ©. The Nan’s burger is good to start with and the addition of the blue cheese just takes it up a level. My favorite thing about this burger is that Chef Bobby serves it on a brioche bun so it is the perfect combination of salty and sweet.
  2. Fleur-De-Lis Shrimp. N’tinis. Think of chicken wings with blue cheese dressing on the side but on the next level of deliciousness. This dish is spicy and full of flavor and then you have this nice little bite of homemade blue cheese dressing. It’s a bold but delicious start to your meal.
  3. Cobb Salad. Coffee Rani. Cobb salad is all things you love about salad in one bowl. Seriously it’s the kitchen sink of salads. So it shouldn’t surprise you that it also has blue cheese thrown in the mix. The salty addition of the blue cheese in this salad is a must. Try it with the parmesan dressing for even more of that salty goodness.
  4. Blue Cheese Chips. Old Rail. You may want to fight me on this choice because people love Bistro Byronz blue cheese chips too but my heart belongs to the ones at Old Rail. The main difference for me isn’t even the blue cheese. It’s the little pickled onions that Old Rail adds to the top of their chips. It is the perfect topping for this warm, savory dish.
  5. Blue Christmas Dog. Rob’s Rocking Dogs. This dog is super salty and savory with a lot of bite. I love how it makes my lips pucker a little when I eat it. My favorite thing is to get it with the tots with beer cheese to add a little sweetness back into the meal. Plus I love cheese so all the cheese.
  6. Steak Frites Salad. Bistro Byronz. This was probably the first blue cheese dish I fell in love with. It is the perfect combo of simple goodness that it sweet and salty. This salad is incredibly basic. Romaine, tomatoes, blue cheese, steak topped with a balsamic can dressing. Then top all of that off with hot, crispy French fries.
  7. Blue Cheese topped Steak. Keith Youngs. This is pretty simple. My favorite steak on the Northshore is Keith Youngs and topping it with blue cheese is the perfect dinner.
  8. Wedge Salad. Del Porto. I haven’t tried this one yet but it was highly recommended to me and on my list. When I asked a few fiends what their favorite blue cheese dish was this is what they all responded with. In my opinion you can never go wrong with a wedge salad.

If you are a blue cheese lover like me write these suggestions down and get to eating!

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