Why you Should take a Cooking Class

I never really thought about taking a cooking class. I like to cook and I feel like I am good at following recipes or coming up with things on my own so I didn’t think it would be worth my time. I was incredibly wrong.

I took my first cooking class in January and it really was educational for me and fun. The class I took was called Cooking in Cast Iron. I own several cast iron pans but other than making steaks in them I don’t cook in them often. I thought that if nothing else this would be a great chance for me to learn how to use the pots that I already own.

I took my class at Simplee Gourmet in Covington. They are a full service kitchen store and have everything from pots and pans to gifting items. Anything they use in the classes is available for purchase in the store so if you like a pot you cook in you can also buy it. They offered to let me come try out one of their classes for free and I happily accepted.

The thing that I enjoyed the most about the class was how the instructor Lili kept the class technical and really focused on teaching us something new. Many of the women in the class were already experienced in cooking so she made sure that we left with new skills.

If you are on the fence about taking a cooking class these are my top reasons why I think you should do it.

You Will Learn Something New

I love to cook but I am not a baker. I was under the impression that the class would be all cooking and I was happy to see there was a baking station too. When I was choosing where to work I went right to the baking because I knew it was where I could learn the most.

You Pick Up New Skills

One of the things I didn’t expect from the class was the education on things like my knife skills and differences between cook wear. In the class I took it was focused on cast iron. I not only learned about how to cook in it but also how to care for it and different options that were on the market.

New Recipes!

We all get a little stale on the recipes. I know every now and then I get into a rut and I am making the same things over and over again. I loved that this class gave me fresh ideas and exciting new recipes to try.

You Get to Eat What You Make

Basically you get to eat everything you make in the class. Yep. All of it. I could have just sat in my chair for two hours and learned nothing and it would have been worth my time and money. In the class we made a goat cheese and bacon dip, pizza, beet and blood orange salad, chicken with lemon rice and chocolate cake.

Now that I have taken one class I have already used two of the recipes in my own home. I am looking for another class to attend next month!

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