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A few weeks ago a few of the writers decided to try out the KO Boxing class now offered at Pelican Athletic Club.  Until recently many of the specialty classes at PAC were fee based, meaning there was an additional fee to your membership to participate. In May PAC changed the rules on the specialty classes making them free to all of their members. Now things like CrossFit and Burn and Boxing are open for all of the members to participate.



But just because you can go doesn’t mean you are going to, right?

If you are like most people walking into a new class like boxing may not be your thing. I get it. A lot of the specialty classes seem really hard and intimidating. So we took the time to write about our experience so we could tell you about what to expect.


I went into this class with little expectations about being able to keep up. I am a pretty avid gym user but it had been several months since I had been consistently. When I first started the class I was thinking wow this is pretty good, I can keep up with this. Wrong. The method to the madness is the repetition. While the exercise you are doing isn’t too hard, when you do it fifty times it becomes a lot harder.

The class was hard, don’t get me wrong, but it was also awesome. The Instructor has a commitment to seeing you do the moves with correct form which is so important in boxing. He didn’t treat it like a boxing cardio class. He treated it like he was training boxers. Things were done in a process and methodical and he watched your every move. If you were doing something incorrectly he was quick to come and correct your form. This is something I appreciate since it is so easy to injure yourself in the gym.

As far as the work out. Wow was I tired after.  It was powerful and I was spent when I left the room. I felt the workout the next day into places I didn’t even know I had worked the night before. This is a class that I really want to try again and add into my workout routine. It was fun just to do something new but also I really felt like it would hit my body in places I am not always working out.


PAC’s boxing class is not for the faint of heart. This class will have you doubting every major life decision you ever made. How did I get so out of shape that this 60 year old man is giving me disapproving looks? Why did I have children when I clearly am in no physical shape to care for them? How long would I truly survive a zombie apocalypse?
The class is intense and will have you sweating, hurting, and feeling like Rocky Balboa by the end. Once the burn wears off and you can walk again, you’ll be itching to go back. Jabbing, upper cuts, dodging, you’ll feel like the ultimate street fighting mama after one class. As much as I would love to go back regularly, I’m afraid my new found confidence, and the resulting peak physical condition, would result in my arrest as I strutted around like a bantam rooster challenging men twice my size to duels.
You want a full body workout, this is it!


I have to admit, it had been several months since I hit the gym. While normally active, I let life get in the way and I’ve really slacked off, so I was excited for the opportunity to take this boxing class. It was the motivation I needed.

Like any PAC class, I expected it to be a pretty good workout. What I didn’t expect was the intensity of the instruction. Form and stamina were important and the instructor was pretty tough. Fortunately for me, he also had a good sense of humor. So every time I couldn’t quite mimic his steps, I laughed at myself and he smiled with me while correcting my form.

It was a full hour workout with little break for water, much less dealing with my hair malfunction when my ponytail holder fell out, but I felt a sense of accomplishment at the end. And the next day, I really felt it in my abs, where he kept telling me to squeeze and tighten, and tapping me there to ensure I was following suit. If you’re looking for a fun, intense workout, then this boxing class is for you. I can’t wait to sign up again!

We all agreed.  Hard but worth it!  Now go try it for yourself and let us know how you like it!

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