Five Fun Fourth Projects

Maybe you’re not too sure about leaving your house on the Fourth. Maybe it’s too hot, or your kids or too young, or whatever. You can still have a great holiday. Here are a few great projects I found around the web that you can do with your kids:

Painters Tape Flag Artwork. I love, LOVE how these came out. They were done by the blogger’s three and four year old. I really want to do this with my six-year-old (who is disabled), and *maybe* with one of my two-year-old twins.

painters tape artwork

Flag-inspired fruit snack. This one is so easy, even I could do it, and the kitchen is not my best area. Paint? I’m good. Food? Not so much.

fruit flag

Flag Hunt. My friend Alli is smart and her kids are lucky because she’s always got great things to do on her blog. I’m a big fan of activities where my kids run around and I get to watch. I’m not quite sure mine are old enough for this activity, but they’re close.


Fizzing Fireworks. Look! It’s science! And it’s pretty easy. You mix the stuff up and then the kids hit it with a squirt bottle. What kid doesn’t want to play with a squirt bottle?

fizzing fireworks

See Also

Patriotic ice cubes. Again, my favorite level of complexity–easy. Pair these with a tall glass of water and your kids will stay nice and hydrated.


So there it is: five fun, easy activities you can do on the Fourth of July without leaving your house. Enjoy!

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