Five Must-Try Dishes at French Quarter Fest

There are so many things I love about French Quarter Festival.  Seriously you can see the post I wrote last week here.  We are there for the food just as much as the music.  We have the people we want to see play and then the food booths we want to visit.  I also have a list of places I want to go and not have to share with the kids.

Some of the food at FQF you can’t get any other time of the year.  Much like the food vendors at Jazz Fest the FQF food booths want to be sought out and a desired item so the are bringing out the big guns.

A few things you should know.  Food ranges from $4 to $9 a serving and it will feed one person or more if you are sharing multiple dishes.  We usually divide and conquer and try to hit as many places as we can.  Since the portions are small it’s enough for our family to have a few bites each and then move on to something new.  Believe me you are going to want to try everything so come with an empty stomach.  Some of the booths take cards but you are always better off bringing cash.

I am going to keep it simple and tell you my top 5 places…

Muriels, Jackson Square, Goat Cheese Crepes – $7

This is the first place we visit when arriving in New Orleans.  The crepes are rich and decadent and about three bites packed full of flavor.  I don’t know how they do it but the food gets better year after year.  I get a double order when I go because the line is long and I don’t want to miss out in case they run out.

Our #KreweOfCrepe is ready to serve you! Happy #FQF2016

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Royal House, Jax Brewery Vendor, Chargrilled Oysters $7

So last year was the first time we had their oysters.  Oysters are not typically something I am seeking out on a hot day.  We passed their station and the boys got a whiff of the garlic and begged to stop. They eat oysters from time to time but it’s not something they usually ask for. Well we got an order and they ate them all. We ended up going back at least 3 times.

Jacques-Imos Café, Jackson Square, Slow Roasted Duck Poboy $8

This was my husband’s choice.  He is a sucker for duck and where have you ever seen a duck poboy before?  I always say no matter where we are that if there is a duck dish on the menu he is going to stop and get it.


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Tujague’s Restaurant , Jackson Square, Seafood Stuffed Mirlaton with Seafood Sauce $7

We have our favorite places we like to go but sometimes when it’s just my husband and I and we are there without the kids we like to try new things. We ended up at the Tujague’s booth about three years ago and now this is a central stop. Neither one of us had eaten a lot of mirliton before but we wanted to try it because people rave about it.  Completely delicious. It’s hearty but not too heavy.

Louisiana Seafood Fest starts now! Come out to see us at the booth.

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Boucherie, LA Mint, 12 Hour Roast Beef with Horseradish Cream and Pickled Onions $6

We couldn’t find this booth last year and I just realized why.  We were looking in the wrong place.  SO thank God for Katy who asked me to write this article because now I know the first place I am going.  We had these poboys two years ago and they were phenomenal.  They also make Krispie Kreme Bread Pudding so you won’t be sorry.


I mean I cannot finish this without including the WWOZ Mango Freeze.  My kids would be so mad.  The Mango Freeze is the perfect thing to grab in the afternoon when it is so hot and you just can’t walk anymore.  They are legendary and recently my kids insulted a local ice cream shop when they asked why they were trying to copy WWOZ’s Mango Freeze.  What can I say, we keep it real.

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