Here’s What Happens When You Shave Your Face and You’re a Woman


I shave.

My face.

You read that right–I’m a woman, but I still shave my face.

All my life I was always told don’t shave your arms because the hair will come back thinker or women don’t shave their faces because then they will grow whiskers.  Lies.

I started shaving my face about a year ago. I would like to say that I had read an article or information on shaving before I went through with it but I didn’t. I remember thinking this is either going to be the best decision or worst decision I have ever made. Turns out it is the best.

I have always waxed my lip but I still had a lot of these fine hairs that didn’t sit right on my face. Sometimes when I was putting my makeup on it would look strange in the light. I take my picture a lot because I run a fashion blog, and I was noticing it in pictures. The idea struck me and I was like well what is the worst thing that can happen? Well I’ll tell you. . .

Unintended Consequences

Not only did shaving help my makeup to lay better but I feel like I noticed a difference in the way my contour looked too. Also, it is a great exfoliator and I began to notice my pores looking smaller. The more I have kept up with it the finer the new growth has become–the exact opposite of everything I had been told.

Best Practices

I always begin with washing my face.  I apply a light weight moisturizer and then shave. I use a sharp, new razor every time I shave.  DO NOT USE THE RAZOR YOU USE ON YOUR LEGS. You want the blade as sharp as possible to avoid catching on your skin and giving you a cut. I shave my upper lip, chin, cheeks and a small amount of my neck. When I am finished I wipe my face with a hot washcloth and then apply the light weight moisturizer again.

To date, I have never cut myself doing it this way and I continue to see a different in the texture of my skin, pore size and the lightness of the hair. I generally only have to shave about every week and a half.

Overall I think it has been great for my skin and will continue to do it. Have you done it? What were your results?

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