How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Over the Christmas holidays I saw several friends receive blanket scarfs as gifts.  I also saw a lot of the same friends confused and not sure where to start with wearing them.  I did a quick picture tutorial on how to tie and wear a blanket scarf.  Follow along with the pics and text descriptions.

Disclaimer…  I am hoping that by posting this we may actually be able to encourage some winter weather out of this season.  Not sure if we will have any luck so you may want to put a pin in this for next season.

Classic Drape

Start by opening your blanket scarf up into a complete square and then fold in half like a triangle.

Place the center of the flat end of the fold at the base of your neck and bring the tails around and allow to drape over your shoulders.




Start this option just like the last.  Open the scarf into a square and then fold in half creating a triangle.  With the large end start rolling the scarf toward the point.   You should end up like the picture here.

Place the center of the scarf at the base of your neck and wrap the tails around until it forms a complete circle and the tails are hidden.





Start your scarf the same as the infinity but only roll about half way to 3/4 of the way down.

Evening Prom Dresses

Loosely place the center of the rolled end of the scarf below the base of your throat.  Tie the tails behind your neck at the base.  Turn scarf to an asymmetrical angle either to the right or to the left.

This is how the tie in the back should look.





This is probably the simplest of all of the ways to wear the scarf.  Fold into a triangle.

Place folded end across the shoulders and allow to hang over the arms.

You can take this look one step further and secure it with a belt around your waist.


Classic Drape with Knot

Fold your scarf in half one more time like a triangle.

Bunch the scarf toward the center and place at the base of your throat with the point going toward your chest.

Take the tails of your scarf and criss cross at the base of your neck.

Take the tails and fold into a square knot at the center of your chest.

You can choose to lay the pointed part of the scarf on top of the knot or to display the knot on top of the scarf.  Its all up to you.

I hope this helps take a little confusion out of the blanket scarf trend.  They are warm and comfy and can be worn in such a variety of ways that it is a great accessory to have in your collection.

Now for that cold weather…



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