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Little English Spring 2014

Little English Spring 2014

This winter, y’all. It was long. I’ve been dreaming of spring temperatures since Thanksgiving but, when it got down to 18 degrees in January? And all those “snow” days? I was just done. I was pretty sure it would be winter forever. And then, on a dreary winter day, I got an email from our friends at Little English asking if we wanted to review their Spring 2014 line. I thought they had outdone themselves with Fall 2013 but, oh my goodness, I was not prepared for all the adorable things they have for Spring and Summer. It gave me so much hope and thoughts of warmer days and sunshine ahead.

Little English was good enough to send us two outfits for the review and, were generous enough to let us pick them out! What a difficult task that was because EVERYTHING was just too cute for words. I selected a set of outfits for my twins – a dress with navy, smocked anchors for my daughter and a coordinating shorts set for my son. As always, their shipping was super fast so the only thing I had to wait for was warm enough weather!

These outfits are just gorgeous. I am a bit of a smockaholic and have seen great stuff and not so great stuff. Trust me, Little English is squarely in the “great stuff” category. Just like the fall outfits, the pleating was nice and tight and the stitches were tight and even. I also loved the circular pattern on the dress; it’s not like anything I have seen anywhere else this season! The outfits also received the 3 year olds’ seal of approval. The girly girl loved her dress and begged to wear it on some 40 degree days and my son was excited about his big boy shorts and tshirt. And, as a boy mom, I am so excited to have the option of smocked t-shirts; it’s such a cute way to transition from smocked bubbles and Jon Jons.

Finally one day the temperature got over that magical 75 degree mark and it was fashion show time!With the help of some mini marshmallows for, ahem, rewards, I was able to snap a few posed pictures…

and then they were off to play and enjoy the warm day. After a thorough workout in the backyard, I’m happy to say these outfits wash beautifully. They look sweet and delicate but they do not require any ironing or special washing. Hooray for clothing that’s cute and easy care!

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I hesitate to say we may be done with the cold weather because every time I think I’ve put my boots away for good, another cold front rolls through, but I get the feeling Spring and Summer may actually be on their way. If you are ready for sweet summer styles for the hot days that are allegedly coming our way. check out all of the cute things Little English has for girls and boys, both big and little. I love bubbles and bishop dresses, but if your little girl is into shots or capris, there are lots of precious sets and, for the boys there are everything from bubbles for the little guys to button downs and cargo shorts. So many cute things from which to choose – happy shopping!

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