Like I do every season, I took a little time this fall to put together a quick door decoration. Fall is my birthday and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, so I especially love this time of year.

I started off with my usual big M from Hobby Lobby and a sheet of moss.


I traced the letter on the back side of the moss and then cut it out.


I used hot glue to attach the moss to the letter. Using scissors, I cut off any excess that hung over the edge.


I cut thin strips and used to to cover the sides of the letter. I used hot glue for this too.


I used a piece of burlap ribbon and hang the letter.


Here’s where it gets a little complicated. I had leaves and pumpkins and I wasn’t sure which I wanted to use. I started with just pumpkins and that was OK, but then I added leaves. Leaves and pumpkins was too much–it looked like fall threw up on my letter–so I ended up taking off all the pumpkins and keeping just the leaves.



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