Well, folks, my cousin’s wife Sarah is at it again! Although she does claim that my cousin was really into this particular project as well. I suspect the pair of them are just crazy for fun, creative ventures. I also tell myself they must be younger than me and that’s why they have so much energy!

So what was she up to this time? Well her son, Richie, who has made several appearances on this blog, brought home the class mascot, Hoot Dat. If your child has ever brought home a class mascot, you know the assignment is to document your weekend. Simple enough, right? Not for Sarah and Richie! They decided to recreate a live version of her son’s favorite book, Good Night NOLA. And so that’s what they did! They spent an entire weekend acting out scenes from this charming children’s book (it’s a favorite at our house too). Now I can’t include the entire text of the book here, but I’ll share all the pictures and a few verses so you can get the idea.

Good night, red beans. Good night, rice.
Good night, Cathedral
Good night, po boy.
Good night to the Saints and the Dome filled with noise. Good night to the fans cheering “bless you boys.”
Goodnight to the Aquarium.
Goodnight, doubloons and Mardi Gras things.
Goodnight to the city they call the Big Easy.

Can’t believe they squeezed all that into one weekend!

Side note: I’m glad my kids aren’t in little Richie’s class at school because I would feel like such a slacker after this!!

If you don’t have a copy of Goodnight NOLA, you really should get one. It’s available in tons of local stores (I’ve seen it in Olive Patch and Fleurty Girl in the past), or you can get it on Amazon.

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