Water Fun

There are two more weeks until St. Tammany public schools start back for fall. Are you ready? Trying to squeeze a few more drops out of summer? Here are a few fun ideas for playing with water.

Water Balloon Batting practice. Like regular batting practice, but with water balloons. This looks like a ton of fun and it would also help kids work on hand-eye-coordination and gross motor skills in a way that doesn’t involve video games. Videos games are fine and all, but sometimes it’s good to mix things up. Click on the image to see more pictures of this fun activity.

water balloon batting practice


If you have a handy man around the house or if you yourself is handy, you might want to try constructing one of these “Kid Washes.” Cara’s husband put one together for her kids and it was a hit with the whole neighborhood. Click on the picture for more information about how they put it together.

kid wash

Allie at No Time For Flashcards always delivers and this fun, easy activity is no exception–painting with water! Take you kids outside and let them “paint” with water. Allie has a bunch of ideas on how to make this activity work, so click on the picture to read all about it.

painting with water

Squeezable Water Play from Teach Preschool. I know my boys would just LOVE to do this–especially my curious, get-into-everything boy Louie. I can only imagine the trouble he would get into, so this would definitely be an outdoor activity for us! For full details, click on the picture below.


Ice World Sensory Play. I was drawn to this one immediately because it is still pretty dang hot here in Louisiana–and will be for a while! What better way to stay cool while outside then by playing with ice? Click on the picture will lead you to the full post by Learning 4 Kids.

ice world sensory play

So go grab on to those last moments of summer with one of these fun activities–school will be starting before you know it.

five fun acitivies with water

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