An Open Letter to the School Board Regarding the End of the Year

On March 12th my kids left school and just didn’t go back. For the last four weeks we have navigated doing school at home and have filled our days with activities so the gravity of this situation didn’t complete infiltrate our minds. I’ve navigated learning the online tools you provided, figured out Zoom, and I’ve even mastered a science experiment or two. You have done a lot for us and for that I am grateful, but I want to ask you for one thing more: We want one more day.

This week I read an article that said the superintendents asked the governor to close school for the remainder of the year. Logically I understand why and know that the safety of our communities need to be the utmost priority. It may seem silly to you to go back to school for just a few weeks in light of everything that has been happening. I want to tell you what I am seeing and hearing at my house, though. My kids are sad. When they get on a Zoom call and see their teacher, their entire face lights up. They miss school. They miss seeing their friends, eating in the cafeteria and PE. They weren’t prepared for this. They ask me about things I’ve never even thought of as an adult. What will happens to their supplies? what happened to the art on the walls of their classroom? and the biggest one, will they miss water day? As adults these things may not seem like a priority, but to our kids they are everything. They ask me often if they will ever see the nurse or MHP again. They are trying to absorb all of this and listen to me when I tell them how important staying home is, but they don’t fully get it. They feel abandoned. Keeping in mind that safety is our biggest priority, I understand if the school year ends at March 12 and we will deal with that accordingly, but as a parent, I’m asking you, if there is a possibility for one more week or just one more day we would take it. Our kids deserve closure to a really difficult situation for their own mental health.

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  1. Yes, one more week of school would help to provide closure, which was not offered by leaving at dismissal on Friday and the anticipation that you’d return in a few days.

  2. Merle Mulkey | April 10, 2020 at 11:05 pm |

    If Gail Sloan was still superintendent the kids would have had online classes in less than a week. This school system was #1in the state. Check the record now. We have a bunch of over paid over stayed administers who need to go

  3. Rita Floberg | April 11, 2020 at 10:24 am |

    You made me cry as I read this out loud to my husband. We are way passed this stage in life, but could feel my own children feelings in this letter to our school board. Yes I see how important it is for closure for our children school year with their teachers and friends. Yes let them have the week in school. I believe the teachers need this as well. Being an old science teacher.

  4. I truly believe for our children I agree with one mor week or just one day. We have all heard about how important closure is for all our mental health. Every parent has accepted this task of becoming a teacher to their children. So, if not for the children, give the parents a thank you to them by taking care of their children psyche, which will help all the parents worried about their children! Please, even the last day in May have one day of school. Little ones truly have no idea what happened, at least give them closure!
    Sincerely, Marilyn DiMarco

  5. Katherine Watts | April 11, 2020 at 9:18 pm |

    I feel the exact same way for all of the class of 2020 around the world my heart goes out to them they have worked their whole life for this I think they deserve some kind of closure. PEARL RIVER HIGH CLASS OF 2020 IS AMAZING

  6. Jeffrey Geisler | April 17, 2020 at 6:35 pm |

    As the husband of a teacher, and the father of a 6 year old in K-garden, I can tell you as careful as I am about safety and social distance, I KNOW both teachers and students need a “time slot” or some way of seeing their teachers for a way to finalize this year. It would really help both the students get some closure, but also the teachers deal with the year being over, even though it really wasn’t ended in a way that will mentally and emotionally help them deal with the unusual nature of this year! Please consider all options before just ending this year! Thank all of you, and stay safe!

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