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New Orleans-Inspired Monthly Baby Pictures

New Orleans-Inspired Monthly Baby Pictures

Some people are just blessed with a creative gene–you never know what unique thing they’re going to come up with next. My cousin’s wife Sarah is one of those people and I’ve written about her on this site before because everything she does is just so dang cute! Her son Richie’s month-by-month photos were so cute and I knew that her daughter Samantha’s pictures would be just as amazing. And they were! I’ve waiting an entire YEAR to show these to y’all and I’m so excited to finally have the whole collection here on the site.

So without further adieu. . . Samantha’s month-by-month pictures!

See pictures of Samantha’s Jazz Fest themed first birthday.

See Samantha’s brother Richie’s monthly baby pictures from his first year.

See when sweet Samantha’s family revealed her gender.

See the adorable pregnancy announcement Samantha’s parents made when they were pregnant with their first baby.

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