St. Tammany Subdivisions–Who is Trick or Treating Friday?


St. Tammany has not, at this time, issued an official word on Trick or Treating. Some neighborhoods have collectively decided to move to Friday night to help keep kids safe from potential lightning and out of the rain. Some are still trick or treating on Saturday. Some have decided both is okay. Here’s a list of the subdivisions that we have information on. If you’d like information on other alternatives to trick or treating, we have a full post on that here. 


Abita Lakes Estates
Arbor Walk
Arrowod Estates
Autumn Lakes (Slidell)
Autumn Wind
Barkley Parc
Beau Chene
Beau Rivage
Beau Pre
Beau West
Bedico Creek
Bedico Meadows
Black River Forest
Carriage Lane
Cherry Creek
Clipper Estates (Slidell)
Colony (inside Greenleaves)
Del Sol
The Estates at the Reserve
Fontainebleau (both nights)
Forest Brook
Fox Branch
Grande Maison
Grand Oaks
Hidden Pines
Hunter’s Glen
Lake Village (Slidell)
Madison Farms (Madisonville)
Madisonville Oaks
Magnolia Ridge
Meadowbrook (Mandeville)
Montgomery Terrace
Palm Court
Penn’s Chapel
Post Oak Landing
Quail Creek
The Reserve
Sawmill Creek (Pearl River)
Tall Timbers (This subdivision has no HOA so some are doing it tonight and some Saturday night)
Tchefuncta Country Club
The Vineyards


Bedico Meadows
Belle Pointe
Black River Forest
Covington Country Club
Crestwood Estates
Cypress Lakes (Slidell)
Del Sol
Guste Island
Highland Oaks, unless the parish makes an official change
Ingram Estates
Madison Farms
Penn Mill Lakes (Covington)
River Oaks
Tall Timbers (this subdivision has no HOA so some are doing it Friday and some Saturday)
Tallow Creek
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Hi, I'm Katy. Mom to four sweet boys ages 10, 6, 6, and 5. It's a loud, messy, chaotic life. I love connecting with other parents and am so glad you stopped by today!

About the Author

Hi, I'm Katy. Mom to four sweet boys ages 10, 6, 6, and 5. It's a loud, messy, chaotic life. I love connecting with other parents and am so glad you stopped by today!

81 Comments on "St. Tammany Subdivisions–Who is Trick or Treating Friday?"

  1. Evelyn Anderson | October 29, 2015 at 7:59 pm |

    Barkley Parc will be Friday night.

  2. Anyone in southwinds subdivision in Abita?

    • I live in Southwinds, but haven’t heard anything. I would think if they were going to do it today they would have the tape and signs up along the road like last year.

  3. Richard Reno | October 29, 2015 at 9:03 pm |

    The Vineyards Subdivison will be Friday

  4. Press Release

    Halloween Listing
    Sawmill Creek Subdivion located in Pearl River, LA-(St Tammany Parish)
    The board has been contacted my many residents regarding changing Halloween to Friday night. In the interest and safety of the children the Association supports the changing of trick or treating to Friday night. Please spread the word and let your friends and family know. Also, please let other residents who live in Pearl River know of this change.

    We understand some may still have parties on Saturday. Have a safe Halloween.

  5. Anyone know when Woodlawn across from MQPCS is trick or treating?

  6. Anyone know the neighborhoods in Slidell doing trick-or-treating on Friday?

    • It seems like Slidell is sticking with Saturday. Only one neighborhood reported anything and it was that they weren’t moving.

    • Alicia Harris | October 30, 2015 at 9:33 am |

      Autumn Lakes will be trick or treating tonight!
      Haunted house and jumper will be available!

    • Lakewood subdivision in Slidell….some neighbors have decided to trick or treat Friday night

  7. Pam georges | October 29, 2015 at 9:41 pm |

    The Reserve and Estates of the Reserve are both Friday night

  8. What about covington point? And river forest??

  9. Della Rose Perkins | October 29, 2015 at 10:34 pm |

    What about Covington Point?

  10. I think it’s rude to post subdivisions of who’s shesuled to give out candy. Each subdivision is doing it for the benefit of their our residents and children, not to have a whole city show up on their doorsteps. It ruins it for local residents. We have notified our residents–this is rude

    • When I hand out candy I do so for the children and I don’t take ID. Each year my tiny town is full of visitors from other parts of the parish and we welcome them with open arms and stock up in preparation. If you do not do the same, I apologize, but I can’t make everyone happy.

      • Thanks for providing this information Katy. Most people very much appreciate your efforts.
        My subdivision is on your Friday night list. We welcome all children! Some kids don’t live in a “subdivision” or have the opportunity to trick or treat near their homes. The only way they can trick or treat is by going elsewhere. We don’t require IDs either. 😉 Thanks again!

      • I am with you kat and I hope the whole city shows up to the neighborhoods that want to have it on friday, after all it for the children. If I still had children at hoke I could dress up and take them both nights. Shel, you should get ready if you leave in a good neighborhood because they are coming in a d swraming you and my house I have candy and am ready to give it away. So shel won’t be much left for yourself.
        Happy Halloween!

    • I don’t live in a subdivision or have close neighbors. We have to go to go elsewhere to trick or treat. A lot of families are like this. I don’t think anyone is trying to be rude. Just trying to enjoy the holiday like everyone else.

      • This lady is just trying to help guide people & is VERY kind for doing so!!! I live in a neighborhood that you can’t trick or treat. SO….do you think ALL of the kids that live here should NOT be allowed to participate in Halloween??? I’m just curious!! THANK YOU Katy for keeping our communities updated!!!

    • DEAR SHEL…..if I had trick a treaters that would come down my street, our family would have a blast handing out candy…my 7 yr. old would prefer that over trick a treating… I am one of those people you say “RUIN IT FOR THE LOCALS”. MY ADVICE TO YOU SHEL….DONT PARTICI PATE AT ALL…YOUR IGNORANT…AND I BET YOUR ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT HAND OUT ONE PIECE OF CANDY….AND BUY THE CHEAPEST CANDY ON THE SHELF. ….YOU SOUND LIKE A TYPICAL TIGHT WAD!….MARINATE ON THAT JERK!

      • Really?! I would look in the mirror before name calling. And yes, you probably are one that brings trouble and ruins it! It’s obvious by your tacky post!!

        • Monique, really?! I would look in the mirror before name calling. And yes, you probably are one that brings trouble and ruins it! It’s obvious by your tacky post!!

          Shel, I totally agree with you!! Our FB neighborhood group is not responding to the requests that are being sent by outside parties trying to find out. It’s just tacky.

          There are numerous churches and other options then bombarding someone’s neighborhood.

          • It’s sad that a few Halloween Scroogs are trying to turn this into a if your not rich “we don’t want you in our neighborhood” this is for kids not for people to pick and chose who they want to give candy to. Anyway many of those “restrictes neighborhoods” don’t have many children in them. So not sure what the fuss is all about.

    • Seriously??? So those residents who live in subdivisions that chose not to switch or those who live n subdivisions that don’t trick or treat at all…. their children just don’t get to trick or treat??? Geeze, I thought this was for the children… ALL CHILDREN, not just those of ur subdivision! SMH

  11. I thought Bedico Meadows was Tang. Parish.

    • I’m not totally sure? Some of the Bedico neighborhoods are different in different sections so it gets confusing for me. All of these were submitted to me, so if someone submitted, I posted.

  12. Anyone know about Willowood, or Cross Gates subdivisions. What day is either of them doing it

    • Those are both in Slidell, right? Slidell seems to be hanging tough with Saturday at this time. I will be updating this page though if I hear different.

      • Please do, we live in Belair in Slidell. Just wanted to be sure, I’ve got candy and want to give it to ALL KIDS…

    • Alicia Harris | October 30, 2015 at 9:34 am |

      Autumn Lakes will be trick or treating tonight!
      Haunted house and an inflatable jumper will be available!

  13. YES! Both Willow Wood & Cross Gates are in Slidell off of Military Rd. The ONLY thing I’ve (SEEN) here on facebook is that Clipper Estates in Eden Isles here in Slidell is changing trick or treating to Friday night between 6pm-8pm!!! I don’t know that to be 100%!! I’ve just seen MANY people post about it on the Slidell Police Department’s facebook page!!!

  14. Autumn Haven Subdivision in Lacombe will be having trick or treating Friday night

  15. ARBOR WALK Homeowners Association has posted the following:

    Halloween Celebration Notice
    October 29, 2015|By: admin

    Due to pending inclement weather, Halloween will be celebrated tomorrow (Friday) night instead of on Saturday. Please spread the word.

  16. Has anyone heard anything about Turtle Creek in Slidell? I see most of Slidell is still on for Saturday, but I’m hoping maybe that will change because of the weather forcast. And I just want to say thank you so much for this information!! Happy Halloween!

  17. Is there any word about Lake Village or Cross Gates subdivisions?

  18. Autumn Lakes in Slidell will be trick- or – treating tonight. Free Haunted House!

  19. Eden isles in slidell will be tonight 6-8 I believe.

  20. Which day for the Savannah’s??

  21. Can you update that southwinds in Abita is still Saturday please.

  22. According to the Cross Gates homeowner association website this is what was posted:
    ** “As St. Tammany Parish government has declined to move Trick or Treat from Saturday, neither will the Cross Gates neighborhood.”**

  23. Does anyone know about cross gates or willow wood in slidell?

  24. What about Breckenridge, Slidell????

  25. Any update on Greenleaves Subdivision?

  26. Does anyone know if Covington Pointe in Covington is on Friday?

  27. Your site is incorrect. The Eden Isles Homeowners Association has stated that they voted yesterday and are keeping Trick-or-Treating on Saturday night. You may check their website at or their FaceBook page to verify this.

  28. Pineland Park Estates will trick or treat on Friday

  29. As most of you know by now St Tammany Parish and the City of Slidell have elected to keep Trick-or-Treat Night on Halloween Night.

    The Eden Isles HOA Board of Directors took a vote tonight and elected to keep to Trick-or-Treat Night on Halloween Night also.

    “As with Halloween every year parents are encouraged to focus on safety when children are out in the streets at night. Please bring flashlights, wear something reflective and mindful of any traffic”.

    Thank you
    DeWayne H. Smith SFC(RET)/USA
    Eden Isles HOA President

  30. Is Eden Isles and Clipper Estates considered the same neighborhood?

  31. Tuscany West is FRIDAY!

  32. Anyone know if Old Mandeville is Friday or Saturday, or where to find out? Thanks!

  33. Anyone know what day Covington Point is doing trick or treating?

  34. Whisperwood Subdivision Tons of candy all are welcome

  35. Clippers estate. Not that many houses supported tonight’s treak or treating.

  36. Did Arrowood a state in Covington Louisiana was it moved to Friday night.

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