Can We Talk About How No One Puts Their Carts Back? (One Mom’s Opinion)

Let’s talk returning shopping carts to the buggy returns. I moved to Mandeville a year ago from another state. From day one, I noticed how inconsiderate people are at places like Rouse’s, Neighborhood Walmart, Target, etc.

As a mom I totally understand the “I don’t want to leave my baby alone in the car while I walk away to return the cart.” Know what I did when mine were young enough for me to care about that? I parked directly next to the cart return! Problem solved. And yes, sometimes that meant parking further away next to the empty spot beside the cart return, but that’s part of being a responsible, considerate adult. Plus, what’s a further walk to get inside when you are about to walk around inside?!

When you leave a cart in the parking space, you potentially block 1-4 parking spaces. Spaces where other busy moms (or dads!) could park. I just don’t understand how a person could be so inconsiderate when it takes about a minute to put your cart away properly.

Next time you go to Rouse’s or Neighborhood WM in Mandeville just take a look at the parking lot. When you don’t return the cart, it says that you are more important than other shoppers. You look entitled and rude. We can all do better.

Rant over.

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