Five Tips to Make Strawberry Festival a Blast for the Whole Family

No one can deny that the Louisiana Strawberry Festival is one of the biggest festivals on the Northshore.  I have avoided it the last few years due to just how big it has gotten. This year, I was determined to enjoy it again.  Here are my suggestions so that your family can enjoy it too.

Go on Friday or Early Saturday or Sunday- I checked my kids out of school as a surprise today to go to the Strawberry Festival.  We got there around 3. I would keep this in mind for next year. It really was very nice and not crowded.  Parking was easy as well. Saturday, they open for 9. Sunday, the festival opens at 10. Your kids will wake you up early anyway.  Go early before the crowds.

Bring Cash- I saw maybe three vendors that took credit cards.  This is typical of festivals, but in this day and age, it is easy to forget that we need cash.

Go Hungry and Make Sure to Scope Out the Food- There was so much food.  Kettle Corn, fried strawberries, strawberry nachos, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries, roasted corn, fried Oreos, bbq, and many many other items.  I would scope out the food area, and pick what you are really interested in, or pick a few dishes and split them with friends. Otherwise, you may get too stuffed to try that one dish that you really want.  My kids liked the strawberry nachos.

Rides and Games for the Kids– I was there for the food.  My kids were there for the games and rides. Tickets for the rides are $1 each. Most rides were 3 to 4 tickets. They have a Tilt-A-Whirl, Ferris wheel, big slide, and plenty of rides for the littles. There were lots of games that seemed to cost about $5 a game.

Buy Things to Bring Home Last- We did not buy our strawberries until we started heading back to the car. There is a lot of walking and a flat of strawberries is heavy!

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