What To Do With Your Kid’s Art Work

My oldest daughter started preschool two years ago and we were both excited. I loved school, school supplies, etc. I think I should have been a teacher. In fact, it was my second choice and I believe it should have been my first to this day. Anyway, I wondered what to do with all of the cute artwork and projects my daughter brought home. The first year, when she only went three days a week, she did not have as much to bring home.


Last year was a different story with her going five days a week. I decided to take pictures of all of her drawings and artwork and then I let her play school with everything once I took the pictures. I kept the nice projects like Christmas presents, Mother’s Day presents, etc. and put them in a Rubbermaid container. I then uploaded all of the pictures to Snapfish and made her a photo book to enjoy.


On the cover, I put a picture of her on her first day of school and on the back cover, I put a picture from her first day and her last day side by side. I also added in pictures from school parties, field day, her Christmas and spring programs, and a few pictures of her and her teachers. I think she will like looking through the books and seeing how her coloring, drawing and writing evolved over the years. I also think it will be cute to see the difference between her books and my younger daughter’s books. My youngest just turned three and is now going to school three days a week as well, so I have started a new book for her.


I’m hoping by doing what I’m doing, my girls will enjoy and be able to look through the books whenever they want to. In fact, my oldest has already looked through hers a few times. They may not want to keep the books when they’re grown up, but at least I tried and did what I thought was best 🙂 I would have felt bad if I had just thrown things out because I didn’t want to keep that many papers and have a lot of clutter.

What do you do with your children’s artwork and school projects?

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2 Comments on "What To Do With Your Kid’s Art Work"

  1. Great post! Do you know there’s an app that does all this for you? It’s called ARTKIVE (www.artkiveapp.com) and we even let you create the book in the app with little more than the touch of a button! We also don’t charge for storage unlike other apps.

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  2. that’s a great idea, Stephanie. I don’t have kids but have so many pictures from my niece. It would be nice to make a book like this to have them all in one place and to have a more permanent storage method.

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