{The Local Dish} The Wine Garden

Outside of The Wine Garden in Slidell

In Slidell, the trend in restaurants leans either to chains or Cajun/Creole faire for the local spots. This Uptown girl turned Slidellian is always on the hunt for some fabulous food, great wine and cocktails, and amazing service. My prayers were answered with the Wine Garden. The wine bar and restaurant opened in January in Old Town.  I’ve been for a fun “ladies who lunch” with the gals during the week and date night with the Hubs. This is by far one of my favorite new spots and hope they are around for a long time.

Features Board at the Wine Garden in Slidell

Outside of The Wine Garden in Slidell

Owners John and Madelyn Hodges have created a space that is comfortable and really sets the mood for relaxation whether you are there for the drinks, food, or both. The space is lit dimly enough with cool Edison lights and features these incredible panels with gold leafing. There has been a musician performing each time I have gone and the space is well insulated to allow conversation while enjoying the music. The large bar is well stocked and features many, many wines on tap that can be ordered by the glass or even half carafes. Outside there is a large patio with a stage for performances (and it was packed for White Linen!) or a private event. Your private event would even include access to a second patio just for your guests. The outer building is available for events and is a beautiful and very nice sized space.

The interior of the event space at the Wine Garden in Slidell.

The outer building which was the Slidell Dry Cleaning Works originally. This is used for private events at the Wine Garden in Slidell.

Primary patio at the Wine Garden in Slidell.

Now to the DELICIOUS part: the food! Y’all. Chef Mike DeGavage is from some special culinary heaven. His food is creative and well flavored, fresh, beautiful, and on point. There is a menu for lunch, dinner, and now Sunday Brunch! Whether you just are in for a snack and cocktail or full dinner, you won’t be disappointed in the selection. The caliber of this food cannot be described in words. Just go and eat.

Chicken and Waffles- Chinese 5 Spice Waffle, Herb Brined Chicken Thighs, Coconut Brown Butter Syrup, Candied Jalapeño, Bird’s Nest & Soft Boiled Egg at the Wine Garden in Slidell.

From the Menu: Tuna Braseado – Spanish Rice, Cajun Spiced Pecans, Peas, Golden Raisins, Seared Chimichurri AAA Saku Tuna, Pickled Peppers & Lemon Aioli at the Wine Garden in Slidell.

Did you see that in that photo? Coconut Brown Butter Syrup? Oh, my gosh. Trust me, you are going to want to check it out. I haven’t even dented the menu myself and I hope to get there again soon to try the Chorizo and Street Corn Fondue among…well, let’s be honest, the rest of the menu! The Wine Garden is located at 300 Robert Street, Slidell, Louisiana and you can follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/slidellwinegarden/  for all the specials, events, and music schedule. 

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  1. tom Stanley | October 1, 2018 at 5:53 pm |

    I’m not sure how long you’ve been in Slidell or where your “uptown” side allows you to go around here but the comment about chains or creloe/cajun has got to be one of the most ignorant I have heard in quite a while. Please, take your “uptown”ness out and about, off the beaten path and talk to a local, there are more, unique, local, well established places who’s variety and quality have kept them in business here in Slidell than in most places in other parts of the parish. Wow, uptown, and you moved to Slidell? Well, thanks I guess, now acclimate.

    • There are some really great places to eat in Slidell, no doubt. I have lived here for over five years and much of my family is from Slidell. During the time I spent living in New Orleans, I was never far from interesting bistro/cafe/fusion restaurants, and I miss that. It has been a struggle to find places like this in Slidell. So I was very excited to be able to profile a new spot that filled an atmospheric and gastronomic hole here and share my experience. There are many of spots in Slidell that I love to go to, but this particular bar/restaurant had a different flair. It was simply my intention to profile a new spot that really stood out to me. Bonus, that it is bringing even more great business to Old Town. We do have a lot of chains. A lot of places do and also support a great local food industry (Metairie, for example), so I am sorry if that came across as catty. I would love to hear about some spots you feel are special and try those out as well!

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