Mother’s Day: Let’s Not and Say We Did {One Mom’s Opinion}

So it’s mother’s day. If you’re reading this you probably are a mother, and likely have a mother, a mother-in-law, a grandmother or two, and maybe even a step-mother. And because it’s a day for mothers, everyone is confused about who celebrates whom and whose wishes get priority. And if you’re in the season of life with school-aged children, this holiday falls right smack in the middle of May, a month where you have approximately 437 obligations on top of the normal things like going to work, making dinner and keeping people alive for another day. You are TIRED. And you’d like for a day where everyone takes care of you for once. So now we circle back to the dilemma of which mother gets priority on Mother’s Day.

So how should we handle this hallmark-created quandary? Go on strike. Not from mothering, but from Mother’s Day itself. Nobody gets priority today because it’s just like any normal Sunday. It’s like the day doesn’t even exist! No more stressful and overpriced brunches, no more guilt trips over how time is spent and especially no more resentment over someone not getting their way today. Call your mother or don’t. Eat Eggs Benedict in a crowded restaurant while someone spills a drink in your lap, or skip it. Skip the flowers and stay as far away from Facebook as you can. Let go of expectations and guilt and gifts of requirement and just hang out with your family like you normally do.

Happy Sunday. Mother’s Day is cancelled. Now go enjoy a mimosa anyway.

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