A Letter to My Fellow Moms

Can we have a serious conversation, please? I want to know that I see you. I see you online. I see you in Moms groups. I see you smiling in the face of myself and my child, but I don’t see you when I need you most.

You see, some of you have said things like “I am not political” or “I don’t like to get involved,” but you do. You get involved when you feel certain people are wronged, but not others. I saw you and your friends make a post about a school shirt go viral. Everyone in town knew that this poor child may not have a monogram on her shirt in time for school to start.

I have also seen you blast panhandlers.

I have seen you blast “the man speaking Spanish in Walmart” that looked at your child in a way that made you uncomfortable.

But I have also seen you turn your back and “not get involved” when racism in our schools and community has been reported. I have seen you stand up for these racists and make comments about “not blasting someone on social media.” I have also seen you make comments like “that teacher has the right to her opinion.” I have seen you support local mom groups that ban concerned parents who want to talk about these issues. Who want to talk about injustice in our schools.

I am writing you to let you know how much that absolutely breaks my heart. See, I trusted you. I trusted you enough to send my African American child to your home. I believed that you had our back. I believed that you cared about our struggles and pain. But I am starting to wonder. Why don’t you care enough to try to make this stop?? Why don’t you care enough to believe us when we tell you it is happening? Why don’t you speak up when you hear it happening over and over and over again?? I am starting to wonder. . . is it because you don’t want to get involved or is it because you too have these feelings? I pray that I am wrong, but I need you to know, I am starting to wonder.

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