Dear Northshore, Why Do You Think the Rules Don’t Apply to You? {One Mom’s Opinion}

Dear Northshore,

We’ve all been locked down for 5+ weeks now and, like my family, I bet you’re tired of it. But for some of you, there’s been no lockdown. It’s been business as usual. So I ask:

What makes you think that these rules don’t apply to you?

When our governor issued the Stay at Home order in March, it pretty explicitly said to stay at home except for essential trips. The language was pretty clear to me but some of y’all didn’t seem to understand those words.
In the handful of times I have been in my car over the last month, for essential errands like grocery pickups or the post office, traffic has been like a normal day. I understand that people go to work and other people have essential errands, too, but it would be a mighty coincidence all those things happened at the exact time I left my house for the first time in 2 weeks.

I’ve taken walks in my neighborhood and seen play dates and groups of neighborhood kids riding bikes. I’ve seen groups of neighbors in driveways, paying no mind to the suggested 6 foot distance. And, like everyone with a Facebook account, I’ve seen the photos circulated on social media of party barges and crawfish boils.

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The attitude seems to be that St. Tammany is somehow immune to COVID-19. Despite this attitude, between April 1 to April 20, cases of COVID-19 have risen 291% and deaths have increased 1116.67%.*

So tell me, is it arrogance? Is it ignorance? Is it political? Or is it just plain selfishness? Please help me to understand why that play date or crawfish boil is more important than the safety of our healthcare professionals, grocery clerks, and public health in general.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the people who is doing the right thing. But if this is somehow coming across the feed of someone who hasn’t changed their habits, for whatever reason, please reconsider your choices. COVD-19 isn’t going away any time soon and the life you save just might be your own.

*Statistics from

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41 Comments on "Dear Northshore, Why Do You Think the Rules Don’t Apply to You? {One Mom’s Opinion}"

  1. I used to live in St Tammany so I am going with arrogance.

  2. Quick question,
    What are the number of deaths and number of people who have The Coronavirus in St Tammany?

    • That’s available on the health department website. 1067 cases, 74 deaths

    • It’s pure arrogance and stupidity , having get togethers , play dates and ignoring the precautions !

  3. betty broadstown | April 20, 2020 at 8:39 pm |

    Stay under your bed Karen. Geez.

  4. I understand your feelings on this issue but let me tell you the view from the other side.
    There are those of us who believe this fear is not based on fact but solely on fear. All of us are entitled to this difference in opinion. I truly respect your right to believe as you do. And I believe differently but that doesn’t mean either of is wrong or right. It just means some of us are more concerned than others.
    I wear a mask when I need to go to get groceries and I wear a mask when I want to get some plants from a nursery. I follow the guidelines and stand at the suggested distance.
    You may see me in my car driving. My husband and I might just want to get out of our house for awhile. We just want to drive around. There’s no law against that and we are not putting others in danger.
    I just truly don’t understand why we can’t leave each other alone. If we’re staying home, fine. If we feel the need to take a drive, get some groceries, or some plants, as long as we’re following the guidelines, why can’t we just leave each other alone and stop judging one another??

    • AL- the actual science of infectious disease does not care about your opinion at all. Whether you believe it or not what you are doing will increase your risk of getting COVID-19 or spreading it to others if you are constantly breaking social distancing protocol. Opinions and beliefs are not facts. Period.

    • You totally missed her point. TOTALLY.

  5. I thought I was the only one who thought this!! I manage one of the “essential” retail stores and it is getting so ridiculous. Families shopping with all their children, parents wearing masks and children without. However, the worst is the newborns and the ones under two, no masks on and the parents shop for hours. I ask all of customers if I can help them and the majority answer “no, just had to get out the house!” Or “cabin fever”. We work because we are responsible adults and the majority of my staff will not get paid if they have to quarantine.
    What is it going to take to ask for the majority to follow the directives of the parish government?
    I personally have not seen my kids and grandkids in 32 days and it’s killing me. Please stay home!! I promise you the lawn and garden furniture and those home decor items will be there when this is over!!

  6. It’s definitely arrogance.

    • Patricia Burgoyne | April 21, 2020 at 3:32 pm |

      Yesterday I went to Walmart in Pass Christian, masked with gloves on! I saw two families with kids no masks, no glove, touching everything!!
      This is why it isn’t over yet SS it should have been in 28 days if everyone had taken it seriously!
      No fears just smart instead of being careless !

  7. I grew up on the northshore and currently work as a nurse in New Orleans and you couldn’t be more accurate with what you’re saying! It’s so frustrating how people are going on with their daily lives. My patient’s family had to say their goodbyes via Skype before he died. Knowing there are people out there that think this virus is a joke and that the government needs to reopen is a HUGE slap in the face to healthcare workers around the country

  8. Rainell Price | April 21, 2020 at 5:00 am |

    Totally AGREE! I believe the main reason is SELFISHNESS….it’s a Me, Me, Me World IIf they lose a Love one to this dreaded virus, then maybe they would take it more seriously.

  9. Am I missing something? I have only seen our St. Tammany leaders speak at one press conference.
    I am staying home except for necessities and watch our Governor, New Orleans Mayor and our president do press conferences. Maybe if our leaders in St. Tammany would be more vocal about the stay home order and stress to the citizens about the seriousness of this pandemic St. Tammany would get a better grade on the stay home order. a D- is not a good grade.

    • I completely agree with you… I posted on our Mayor’s page a where are you comment… All these other Mayor’s are coming out talking to their constituents and I haven’t seen ours once!!!!

  10. Karen is that you?

  11. Karen you have to
    understand that we’re
    not just going
    to do what you say, because you’re scared.

  12. Richie Pickleson | April 21, 2020 at 9:43 am |

    You need to speak to the manager NOW!

  13. Joe erotic | April 21, 2020 at 9:47 am |

    Karen, is that you or Carole Baskin?

  14. Karen,

    My body, my choice. I don’t adhere to unconstitutional orders given by anyone, including the Governor.

    Your Neighbor,


  15. James White | April 21, 2020 at 10:22 am |

    How’s about you mind your own business? The fact is that the majority of people have chalked this up to what it rightfully is: a big heaping pile of bull-YOU-KNOW-WHAT. A .01-.03 death rate should not be keeping people inside of their homes on lock down. If you want to stay home, that’s your prerogative. But most of us aren’t “BUT THE GOVERNOR SAID” drones that takes everything government says to heart.

  16. Ok Karen

  17. Jordan legeune | April 21, 2020 at 10:45 am |

    Go Karen!

  18. bootleggerbaw | April 21, 2020 at 11:14 am |

    OMG! Kids outside riding their bikes with friends? Have you talked with the HOA manager about this yet Karen?

  19. You cannot go by death numbers. The cdc even told people to put covid down as a cause of death when it hasn’t been. Hospitals continue to do this because they are losing money by not doing elective surgeries right now. Oschner has lost 130 million. So they will publish as many covid deaths as they can to make that loss up.

    Also this fine state refuses to report recoveries. I’d be willing to bet the number of recovered patients in la far outweighs active ones. The numbers you need to look at are vents and hospitalizations which are decreasing everyday. That was the whole reason for the stay at home order. So our hospitals would not be overwhelmed. They aren’t.

    So why not open up the economy? I’m sure your doing fine over there at the golf course, but the truth is a lot of people are hurting from this shut down. From industrial fields to restaurants and everyone in between. I have been fortunate enough to keep working, but got a reduction in pay. I am not making enough money to cover my bills. I can’t go find another job right now with this economic climate.

    People need to eat. If we open up tomorrow or three months from now this new flu is still going to be here. When things open up I implore you to keep staying at home, but the rest of us need to put food on our tables.

    Stop fear mongering people.

    • That’s actually just NOT true. As anecdotal evidence, my uncle just died a week ago after having a bowel blockage repair and then “mysteriously” catching an illness in the hospital where he found it almost impossible to breathe, a dry cough and a high fever. They said he died from “post-surgery complications”. He died from COVID. You should always assume that the numbers given are far under what the actual total is given that some people will die at home never having been to the hospital, or the hospital staff think it’s something else because they don’t have enough testing.

  20. Well excluding Slidell (am unfamiliar with the area) there are no less than 14 grocery stores. Assuming an average of 100 employees per store (most will have more especially now) that’s 1400 people on the road on a given day. Add shoppers, restaurants, delivery people (because home delivery is up an exponential amount because people ARE staying home) you get an abundance of drivers on any given day. Honestly with the exception of government workers most businesses are still open (albeit some with greatly reduced staff and sales) so it really is business as normal for most people +wearing a mask and being talked down to by pretentious individuals such as yourself who somehow believes your needs are more important than everyone else’s because you can afford to stay home for whatever reason. So how about before you climb up on that high horse you actually use your brain to think of why people might be out and whom those people might be. Also hate to bring this up but IF you’re shopping on a Sunday I assure you that you are not the only one who had that idea because Saturday and Sunday still remain the highest volume sale days in grocery, so if you want to help shop on a Tuesday. Now the people throwing parties and get togethers I’m right there with ya but you’re out to see that too so…..

    • This man speaks the truth.

    • Well I guess they told you. So I’ll paraphrase .
      The Virus is a Hoax.
      My right to what ever I want outweighs your right to live.
      Mind your own business .

      I think that about sums it up.

  21. I have not missed one day of work. Thankfully. This all has got to end soon. Or there will be no country to reopen. And when after this time we do open the virus will still be out there. This is not getting rid of the virus. Take care.

  22. Karen if you want to be included just say so.

  23. I agree. Everyone not in a big city doesn’t understand the severity of this until it affects them personally. People are more and more inconsiderate and it doesn’t help that people are still going to church thinking their God will save them if they come together and pray…

    • I’m glad to see there is someone reasonable on the Northshore. It saddens me to see the amount of people being scammed by Church of the King .and the like, to give their hard earned money to scamming pastors. The pastor holding services are finally getting punished but I’m afraid it will do nothing.

  24. Wow! See Karen how cranked up people get when they know they are wrong. Blah blah blah….conspiracy theory…..blah blah blah…..political over reach…..I don’t think you are on a high horse unless having an IQ above 50 is wrong. You are entitled to your opinion but how does it feel to be ridiculed for your opinion……Get off the Karen bandwagon…

  25. Seriously, I have only left for essentials also, and the traffic is sooooo much lighter in Covington than it usually is!!! So tell us , do you just look for things to complain about, make things up or are you just a Northshore hater? Ridiculous article

  26. I’ve same concerns. This Parish has almost the same number of cases as the whole state of Miss.

  27. I’m glad someone said it! Ignoring science and facts is like sticking your head in the sand. I work in a hospital. It’s here, it’s very real, and it’s horrible.
    Parents are ignoring stay at home orders so they and their children can continue to be social? Is it worth your life? It seems entitlement is another pandemic at the risk of public health.

  28. If you drive north on Hwy. 190 after 4 pm you will realize that people are staying home.

  29. Karen OHara | April 22, 2020 at 10:48 pm |

    Please stop using my name for all your references. It is so very juvenile. No one knows my opinion of this pandemic nor will anyone find it on this forum.

  30. I don’t think anyone should take the problem any easier, the reason it spread that much it because of our negligence… and it would continue if decided to act the same :/

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