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Seven Types of Moms You See at Mardi Gras

Seven Types of Moms You See at Mardi Gras

We’re in the home stretch! From now til Mardi Gras day there are non-stop parades somewhere. As the big day approaches your friends’ true colors will show, and we’ve noticed some patterns. Here we present seven types of moms you see during Carnival Season. Do you see your friends? Or yourself?

All Dem Parades Mom

Chances are she grew up in New Orleans and is the product of an All Dem Parades family. School night just means do your homework in the car. Her van gets terrible gas mileage for a few weeks because of all the beads in the trunk, and she’s got more purple, green and gold in her wardrobe than is healthy. Her theory is that if you do Mardi Gras right, you’re more than ready for the austerity and sacrifices of Lent.

family in car

Northshore Parades Mom

Maybe she’s from here, maybe she’s not, but she’s just not that into New Orleans parades. Who needs to cross the bridge when there are several Northshore parades? The Covington parade even passes twice on Mardi Gras day; it’s like a 2 for 1 deal! After she’s seen her one or two annual parades, she’s done. 

good enough

Leaves the Kids at Home Mom

Lucky her, she’s got a great babysitter, or a spouse that isn’t into parades, but this mom hits the parades kid-free, usually in costume. Amazing how fancy one can get when a diaper bag isn’t a part of the ensemble. Wigs are not optional. 


Matching Costumes Mom

When you see a family of crayons or Hubig’s Pies, chances are mom is behind the family costume. She been planning all year and sewing/stapling/hot gluing for weeks. Her house looks like a Lady Gaga concert threw up. Compliments are not only welcome, but expected.


Disney Mom

Her only interest in Mardi Gras is the dates the kids have off school. She has plans and they involve a giant mouse, long lines and adults in costumes. Actually, it doesn’t sound that different from Mardi Gras but to each his own! Expect pictures from the minute her magic bands show up until she returns. 


All for the Gram Mom

Her kids have on the CUTEST outfits. She’s taken a picture of her beer at 72 different angles. She was almost knocked over by a band mom getting the perfect shot but it was WORTH IT. How many parades she goes to is totally dependent on the weather–can’t take a good pic on a rainy day!

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Campout Mom

She got here three days ago and she’s not going anywhere. She’s got snacks, drinks, and knows the location of the closest bathroom. She invited you to her spot on the route which will have ladders, a mile of catering, and twenty-five people she only kind of knows. She knows when every parade is rolling and their exact route. You kind of wonder if she’s been sleeping outdoors but discover you don’t really care. This is your best friend during carnival season.


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