What Should You Do with Leftover Halloween Candy?

You might be thinking, “Leftover Halloween Candy?  I’ve never heard of such a thing!”  But as our family has grown, so has our Halloween booty (and my regular booty).  Although we try to monitor what they consume in the days following Halloween to ensure they don’t go into a total sugar shock, it would be a lot easier to have these sweet temptations out of our house!  So here’s a few ideas:

Donate It

These organizations will take your candy and use it for charitable organizations in our area. 

Granny Gertie

Drop off inside the gym at St. Timothy Church in Mandeville

Slidell Ladies for Liberty

The have several drop off boxes in the Slidell area. Please see their Facebook page for more information.

Bring it to Work

Your co-workers might kill me for this suggestion but that’s what we often do at our house once the kids have picked out a few favorites.

Store them as Treats for Later

Instead of eating pounds of candy over the next week or so, save some of that stash for future bribery or dessert.

Use Them in Your Baking

Transform your candy into confections and share with your neighbors. My sister-in-law takes her children’s candy and makes Halloween candy cookies with them.

Eat Smarter Candy Cookies (uses hard fruit flavored candies)

Genius Kitchen Candy Cookies (uses miscellaneous candies – looks like chocolates might work best)

Cake Mix Cookies (use this recipe with your favorite flavor cake mix and crumbled up candy instead of chocolate chips)

A Fun Family Game Night

Use the candy as prizes or poker chips and enjoy some fun games with your family!  You can always hide in the pantry and eat their winnings after they go to bed.

Get Scientific

Check out this great article from mom and scientist Kimberly Crandall who shows you how to put your candy to good use with ten different scientific activities. The bit about M’n’M duels reminds me of egg pocking.

We have tons of great ideas and information for having fun at Halloween. Please check out our full guide to Halloween on the Northshore to find information on Pumpkin patches, which neighborhoods are good for trick or treating, and more!

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