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Not Back To School

Not Back To School

nbts 1 Yes we do school in our PJ’s! 

With July coming to a close, most of us are getting ready to send our kids back to school. Or not back to school in our house. We are homeschoolers, we homeschool for a variety of reasons: academic, medical, it’s what’s best for our family, etc. So back to school in our house is a little different than it is for others!

My kids are 11 and 4. The 11 yr old will be skipping 6th grade and entering 7th grade this year. The 4 yr old, who turns 5 in October, will be doing a combo of PreK and K activities.

nbts 2

Some days they actually get along. Most days they don’t which leads to lots of learning about conflict resolution!

As I type this, the curriculum has been ordered and most of it has arrived and I’m in the mist of planning out our first semester. I only plan one semester at a time, because what we use at the beginning of the year, may not be what we use come January. I’m not a fan of using a curriculum that doesn’t work, just because we have it.

I’m also in the mist of taking inventory of our supplies, taking advantage of the sales this time of year so when I run out of glue or pencils mid year, I’m not paying full price. Also where do these things go? I swear my kids eat them.

And I’m working on organizing our school room, it’s still a mess and disorganized from last year so we need to get that together before we start August 5th.

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Are you interested in homeschooling? The Northshore offers a variety of groups, each which have a variety of activities for every homeschooler. Wild Azaleas, Northshore Explorers, St. Tammany Parish Homeschoolers to name a few. If I missed a group, please leave the link in the comments!

For more information on homeschooling in Louisiana, you can visit the Deptment of Education’s website:

Homestudy Option
Non Public School Not Seeking State Approval (this is the option we currently use)

Are you homeschooling this year? When does your year start?

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