{One Mom’s Opinion} Dad/Daughter Dances are Creepy

February is here. Now that it’s arrived I finding myself cringing, waiting for the parade of pictures to fill my news feed: Dad/Daughter Dances are upon us.

And I’m sorry, but the whole this is just weird. February, a time for love and romance has now been injected with a father/daughter date? A month full of lingerie, diamonds, and chocolate has now been oddly co-opted for nights where dads and daughters go out dancing?

Sorry, but I think it’s weird.


Somewhere along the way we’ve gotten our wires crossed and there’s this whole idea that a girl’s father is her “first love.” Ummmm. . . what?  Fathers are not supposed to double as romantic partners. It’s just weird. And icky. I love my Dad and have a great relationship with him, but we’re not going to a dance together.

And I know what people are going to say before they say it: fathers need to show their daughters how they should be treated. I totally agree, but love is so much more than flowers and pretty dresses. Fathers show their daughters how a woman should be treated by respecting and loving their wives.

A girl can only have one father and that relationship is unique. It’s not a dating or romantic relationship. It’s not predicated on returned affection or appearance. It’s completely different than that and it should be.

So can we skip the bizarre, romantic date night with dad and have dads take their girls bowling instead? Or to dinner so they can talk? I’m 37 and I still remember talks with my dad about thing like boys and breakups and baseball. We don’t need pomp and circumstance for fathers to be their best–we need real life. Day in day out is where the good stuff happens and frankly, that’s how I prefer it.

one mom's opinion

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15 Comments on "{One Mom’s Opinion} Dad/Daughter Dances are Creepy"

  1. A father daughter dance does not connotate a romantic or dating relationship. If that is where your mind goes, then you are “weird and icky”

  2. So when a girl gets married, should she not dance with her Father? Or is that creepy, too?
    Have you been to one? Dads usually take their daughter out for dinner to spend a little time with them – a precious commodity these days! They then go to a dance where they are just having a good time; no romance required!
    And Mom gets a little time to herself or to have quality time with another of her children!
    Sounds like you are the one making it “icky” and “creepy”!

  3. When a girl gets married, should she dance with her Dad? Or is that creepy, too?!?
    Have you ever been to one to provide refreshments, etc? Dads take their daughter to dinner and then attend the dance. It’s just everyone having fun without any romance involved. Dad gets to spend quality time with his daughter(s) which is a valuable commodity these days! Mom gets time to herself or quality time with her other child or children. Seems to me it’s you that makes it “icky” or “creepy”.

  4. I envy those girls and their dads that had a chance to dance together, I never had this chance and I can only dance with him through my dreams.

  5. I agree with you. Readers are hanging their hat on the dance part. There is an overall weird movement about dads and daughters and dates. How about just be a good parent. You nailed it with daughter, and sons for that matter, learning about a healthy relationship by the parents’ example with each other.

    Healthy boundaries anyone?

    • I also agree. Especially when the dance is called :the “Princess Prom” and elementary girls are getting hair and nails done (albeit for charity) to go to the prom with their dad. Let’s stop promoting the princess mentality, as well.

  6. YES!!!!!!!! I totally agree with the author. I grew up attending a Southern Evangelical school and the father-daughter banquet was considered the norm at this school. However, I’ve since learned from others that many Christian Evangelicals promote a father-daughter dance that may include giving the daughter a promise ring. They’ll even say that their daddy or Jesus is their first “love.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS SO VERY CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A banquet is one thing but a daddy-daughter dance is just revolting. Hundreds of years ago, the idea of a dance was so that couples could get close to each other and touch but without it being overly sexual. In fact, some religions ban it completely &, others, if the couple is not yet married. Personally, I think the father-daughter dance at weddings are weird, too. I won’t be doing it.

  7. Ummmmm. You’re weird. And gross. Seriously.

  8. Completely agree with the writer here. It’s not the dancing- Dancing with your dad at a wedding or party is great. It’s the role-play that’s part of this tradition that is very odd. The dad is the girl’s “date” and brings a corsage and takes her to a “prom”.. The girls are dressed up as if they are going to a dance with a date. It’s just weird. Would everyone be on board for mother/son dances? Where are they? Why is this even a thing? What is the point? If you want to spend a special night with your daughter, then do it. What this absurd parade?

    • Yes, there is a mother son dance coming up in my community. And no, I will not be taking my son.

  9. You’re the weird one if you are sexualizing Father Daughter dances.

    • You don’t think that she wasn’t expecting someone to comeback with such an original and objective rebuttal?

      “No YOU’RE weird!” is the best you’ve got to articulate your opinion?

      God help you and your children.

  10. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who feels this way! I think you articulated perfectly how this goes beyond father-daughter bonding time (which is a great thing). A child going through dating motions with a parent *is* creepy.

  11. Thank you!!
    I wholly believe that everyone who is into this whole thing just wants a photo to take and post on social media. It’s gross.

    These dances are weird.

  12. Proud Daddy | February 1, 2020 at 9:13 pm |

    This article has so many grammatical errors; it’s hard to follow. Sounds like another snowflake trying to take issue with anything and everything. Dad/daughter dance is about a unique way of spending time with daughters with no nefarious intent. Seems like this article has done its job and garnered the writer and website some attention for click bait.

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